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The summer solstice has always been a sacred time, one of the eight important festivals of the year and it is a solar festival, marking the shift from growing sunlight to shorter days and the beginning of the harvest cycle. Perhaps the clearest way to describe it is using the metaphor of the gardener who has just finished weeding his garden on this day. He or she hopefully looks at the sturdy plants and smiles in satisfaction at what his or her labor has achieved and thinks of a coming bountiful harvest that awaits.

Or perhaps that same gardener looks at their weed choked garden in dismay and for the first time realizes that there might not be enough to make it through the winter. If not, then some other emergency plan of action must be considered.

So at this summer solstice we have realization! Either what we have done is working or what we have done is not working! Things really are that simple at this time of the year. In my own life this past year has been filled with challenges and setbacks as old and past karma, unfinished business, intruded into my life in many unwanted ways. But something has guided me and I know that the best solution has been worked out in the astral and the time for fighting is over. It is time for me to submit to the judgement of the collective and that is what I have done. I’ve stepped into a new energy and a new world and it is supporting me in a modest way. Let me say this in a different way. I’ve simplified and downsized my life and my circumstances to the point where my life is fairly secure and stable as long as nothing goes seriously wrong! Chuckle. Instead of drowning I’m floating peacefully and I hope that will continue. I know that will continue.

My awareness dwells in multiple dimensions and all the other dimensions are secure and covered. I am protected on many levels and empowered on many levels. All I need to do is allow what already exists on the other levels to enter this physical 3D space and it is gradually doing this. Perhaps it is better to say that this physical 3D space is gradually merging with all the others. Good things are happening!

I also feel grateful at the release of tensions surrounding the political events here in the US. The war between the Democrats and Republicans is over. It hasn’t manifested physically yet but I can energetically feel it. However, the war between the Clinton Democrats and the Bernie Sanders Democrats has just begun! Thankfully I don’t have a horse in that race! Perhaps now I can turn my attention to some other things that will bring more adventure and excitement into my own life!

Expect some major events this coming week in the news that will confirm what I am now sensing. There is going to be movement all over the place and most of it good! That is because we are anticipating the first fruits of the coming harvest! Our hearts shall overflow as we share the bountiful blessings that we are about to reap.


bright blessings


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I guess I’m waxing political today! There has been a lot of discussion pro and con on the subject of Trump’s tweets and if they do more good than harm. From a magical perspective I can say that they are his power to go directly to the people and represent a totally new energy dynamic that those in power are not able to neutralize or circumvent. This is a good thing for Trump even if he often shoots himself in the foot! His enemies are unable to respond quickly enough or effectively enough to keep up with him. When they aim at him they shoot themselves in the foot just as well and perhaps even worse than he does!

This works especially well in his favor in terms of creating and maintaining or correcting false narrative when his enemies try to put a negative spin on his words and his actions. He is often able to minimize the damage of any personal attacks by using his twitter account. Another important thing Trump’s tweets do is keep the magical lower energy levels stirred up so that they are constantly interfering with the mental calculations and outcomes of his enemies. Each day brings a totally new surprise and the media can’t keep up! Trump keeps things in his heart and not in his head and ultimately this is what is going to magically win for him! He has pure intent and his narrative is pragmatic and believable unlike the fantastical narrative of his opponents.

Without his tweets Trump would be solidly at the mercy of a hostile media. He would be forced to play their game instead of them playing his game. At least this way he has an even chance to tell his own side of the story!

To Trump’s opponents it is absolutely unthinkable that the heart is more intelligent than the head! It is time that they learned it is what is in our hearts that makes us human and what is in our heads that makes us monsters!

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As we near the summer solstice in advance of the autumn harvest I have a few observations and comments about what is currently going on in the United States and the magical war that is being fought. As I mentioned in previous posts there are only three things that are of consequence and we need to keep our eyes on them. The first is the struggle to control the narrative because it is the general public, Gaia’s original inhabitants, who have the power to manifest physical reality. The second thing is the upcoming vote to extend the Patriot Act and the unauthorized mass surveillance of the American public using techniques disclosed by WikiLeaks. The third is the fraud committed by the DNC during the past election cycle against the supporters of Bernie Sanders and the lawsuits that are currently in the works. These are the things of consequence and everything else is smoke and mirrors!

The new energy dynamics are completely confounding The Powers That Were, and they desperately need to regain control of the narrative or put everything at risk! Attacking Trump is simply not doing it as every finger pointed at Trump means two others pointed directly back at them and they are beginning to realize this. Their strategies are simply not working in the new energetic dynamics. This new special counsel investigation is a case in point. It has barely gotten started and is already so choked up with red flags and concerns about conflict of interest that half the American public will never accept findings against Trump. It is not and can not be impartial! This is becoming increasingly obvious even as the Swamp finds itself attacked on other fronts. It has lost its credibility and must regain that credibility some way or it will lose the narrative entirely.

There is only one possible outcome and it must happen swiftly. To regain control of the narrative the Swamp must completely exonerate President Trump and turn upon itself! Only by turning upon itself can it regain control of the narrative and find a way to survive the upcoming vote on renewal of the Patriot Act this fall and keep the DNC as a viable political entity. The Clinton’s must fall! We are already seeing evidence of this as accounts of the corruption within the Obama administration keeps surfacing. Time is running out and the Swamp is fighting for it’s life!

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There has been a polarity reversal and we are now transforming our non-physical bodies for departure from this physical 3D space. Our soul is disentangling itself and letting go of old physical 3D. At the same time our newly created 4D and up astral bodies are becoming stronger and more active in multidimensional ways. It is this unheard of multidimensional ability that is making so much of this frustrating to so many.

Speaking bluntly, to affect physical reality through multi-dimensional activity is magic! For a long time I’ve noticed that massive astral activity means little physical activity and vice versa, little astral activity allows physical events to transpire. They seem to take turns. So we are in the middle of an advanced magical or occult war that determines the narrative the general population will take as their blueprint for reality and in doing so, will create that reality. This is why nothing seems to be happening very fast in the physical.

But things are rapidly happening in the astral and one side is giving way to the other. One narrative or version of reality is gradually becoming dominant and becoming the blueprint for the future. I don’t need to say which side is which, but I will say that one side is trying to achieve tangible goals and the other side is only interested in conflict and opposition. Conflict and opposition is not a good strategy in these new energetics! Moving forward with the heart and in love is the only way forward.

The main point of this post is to share that the areas of conflict are becoming smaller and the incoming energy is becoming greater!  That means things are accelerating! Gaia has made her shift and that means the conflict is no longer about Gaia. The lightworkers have made their shift and that means the conflict is no longer about the human population. Each individual has made their own choice and it is now being energetically honored.

So now the conflict is between lightworkers themselves, as the energetics sort themselves out according to ranking. A new lightworker hierarchy or GWB is being formed. Perhaps conflict is not the right word because there is no need for conflict. Adjustment is perhaps the better term as certain efforts and individuals make way for others that have more important roles to play in the extraction process. Gradually people will begin to realize that leaving this old reality is now the priority, letting go is now the priority. As consensus begins to grow the light will intensify as well. That is when things will really begin to physically manifest here in what remains of old 3D.

2017 is the year of energetic transmutation, while 2018 will see the collapse of gridlock.

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The days leading up to this full moon have certainly been powerful! The timelines have officially split along with a polarity reversal that is now beginning the process of extracting light workers from physical 3D. The time period between now and the winter solstice in December will be the final unravelling and disconnect of our souls from physical 3D to the extent possible to each one of us. From this moment on there is a pulling at our souls that is trying to extract us from this old 3D world and that pull will become stronger as time goes by. Gaia is no longer here and Gaia is pulling us to come along with her to her new home!

Everyone that has made it this far deserves a pat on the back for a job well done. To be in a physical body at this moment after the polarity reversal means that you will arrive in Gaia’s new 4D Garden of Eden with a functioning 4D body. Other multi dimensional abilities will depend upon personal advancement. If you are oriented toward the light and in a physical body congrats, you have won!

There are some few people that will be able to dematerialize their 3D physical bodies by the winter solstice so they will continue the rejuvenation process until then. Others will need to cast their physical bodies aside at the proper time through continued purifications. Between now and the winter solstice the veil between this old 3D and Gaia’s new 4D will become very thin for light workers and continue getting thinner until they are able to cross over in full awareness. Up until this point in time there was value in staying in physical 3D for as long as possible to further develop the soul. With the polarity reversal that is no longer the case and the exodus is full on! Of course for most people that means the death of their physical body. You will be seeing lots of souls leaving between now and Christmas! But the dropping of the physical body will be effortless because the new 4D body is already created and occupied.

Increased UFO sightings will become the norm as the evacuation process continues at the beginning of the year. After all this time it is finally happening and happening now!

Those that have turned their backs to the light will continue on in physical bodies as long as they can, and then they will ascend to their proper places after the death of their physical bodies. The war is over and the balance has been struck. These two groups will become farther and farther apart from each other. They will no longer energetically interact.

So feel the loosening and unravelling of the soul from the old 3D physical body! This process should be completed by Christmas. That doesn’t mean everyone will cross over by Christmas, but it does mean that the process will officially begin with the rapture of those first ones that are able to dematerialize their own physical bodies. This will be followed by the others as they can. There is no more reason to stay here! Many may be taken aboard UFO’s by their space brothers and sisters.

Light workers will remain in control of world affairs until all have left. There is nothing to worry about because all is happening according to divine plan!


bright blessings

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Tomorrow, June 4th, is Pentecost and I hope this post will shed some light in the world. I will begin by describing the two timelines that currently exist, or the two new universes that all beings have energetically been moved to while this final 3D drama acts out. Our old eon selves remain here but our new selves exist in either of these two locations.

The first and the victorious one is created from the organic life force of all living things. It is Gaia’s timeline and she has sheltered and given protection to all forms of life as she has shifted to her new vibratory location. This timeline is the home of the New Elves, Gaia’s own original ascended species. It consists of 4th density through 10th density and replaces that area previously dominated by reptilians who have been expelled.

The failing timeline catches up everyone else that is 5th density and up. It is non-organic and ruled by artificial intelligence using narrative to influence the human collective in various ways. It is not heart friendly, but of the mind removed from the heart.

We are currently physically acting out the final phases of this huge conflict between the timelines. Individuals on both sides of this conflict are making use of every second of these end times for unheard of opportunities in soul development and soul empowerment. Once we drop these physical shells such soul development and soul empowerment will no longer be possible.

Since everything has already been acted out and resolved in the astral my own work is done. For me and others like me the main thing now is to sit back, enjoy the show and simply survive! This is easier said than done! There are plenty of ways to still get into trouble. There are some things that are too dangerous to talk about and I’m going to talk about them. Please allow me some slack if this seems too cryptic. We are soon coming to the days when search engines and even browsers will have the ability to flag and destroy both web pages and personal computers by infecting them with viruses. Every day once common resource websites are disappearing from the web. Search engines don’t direct to them. This is only going to get worse until freedom of speech is totally destroyed.

The remainder of this post is to help you understand the big picture events taking place that are most important and directions to a website that will probably be one of the last ones to go. I’m also going to be doing this in a way that I hope will not flag my own post and cause problems for myself. In fact, this brings up a very important point. While it remains vital to share this information with as many people as possible, it is also very important that the search engine footprint remains as small as possible! Please don’t repost or link this post. Instead create your own post in your own words and share that with at least ten people! Perhaps some of those people will in turn share the information in their own words to others. Decentralization is the name of the game here. The information and the people are most safe when it is passed from person to person in small clusters. Trending topics and trending websites are being attacked if they don’t carry the approved politically correct narrative! Keep it small, but pass it on!

There are two things of consequence to watch for in the news. Every thing else is distraction. The first thing is the lawsuit against the DNC by Bernie Sanders supporters. This is really at the core and heart of all that has been happening. The second thing is the upcoming vote on reauthorizing secret government surveillance of the general American public without cause. This vote will happen next fall. Everything else is smoke and mirrors!

Now for some cryptic directions to a website that I suggest will be among the last to be brought down. I will be using xxx or 123 to mask certain words or phrases. If possible try to avoid using windows 10. I use windows 10 and it recently did a massive upload that I don’t really trust. I also have an android tablet that I can use to search out this website. I recommend the Tor browser just to keep my activity as invisible as possible.

Use xxxgoodgopher.com123 as a search engine. Type in a search for this person, last name xxxkash123, first name xxxclaudia123. There will probably only be one or two listings and one of those will be the page I’m referring to. You can’t miss it. If you already know this name and what it represents you know everything!

bright blessings,


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This is going to be an unusual post, but we are in unusual times! First I would like to announce that Gaia’s ascension is all over! She has taken all life forms along with her to her new destination! What is left in what we have been calling physical 3D is now simply a shell, an empty shell with very little life force left within it. Our souls, our awareness now resides somewhere else, either upon Gaia’s newly ascended body where it is supported by her new energies or it has been expelled to a new location outside of Gaia.

I don’t channel messages or information. I directly perceive the astral because I function within the astral, often at the lower levels that are not available to channels. What I am seeing is that the astral is done, complete, there is no more battle. We have won! Life has won! Divine Counterparts have won! All that remains are the remnants of old 3D that are still being kept alive by those that continue to believe in them.

Then why do we continue to be here? This old 3D physical body which we wear is a miracle! It generates energy which can be used to develop our souls to their maximum potentials. Once the shift is made soul growth will be much more difficult and the process will take much longer, but the path will be easier so that more life forms can take advantage of it. That is the trade off. So we are all using the last few seconds of our old physical lives to generate as much energy as possible for the development of our souls and to help others do the same. The game is over and this is simply gathering some freebies while they are available to us. The more soul energy we generate, the more soul energy we take with us at the final shift when we leave these old 3D physical bodies behind.

So what causes our old 3D physical bodies to generate soul energy? Stress! Stress and expended effort! What we are now looking at is a massive collective death spasm as the old reality passes away forever. Both sides of the conflict can use these final stress energies to develop their souls but each will experience differently. One side is going to lose and lose big and the other side is going  to win and win big! Actually it’s already happened in the astral and now it just needs to be physically enacted. All we need to know about these final days is to live well and die well! Someday our physical bodies are all going to die anyway. This is the time when we choose how we want to go out!

I first began thinking about this after the last two Steve Rother channels suggested that earth was dying and there was only about fifty years left. I only follow two channels, Steve Rother and Lauren Gorgo. I consider the rest a waste of time, and sometimes I wonder about Steve and Lauren. So suddenly out of nowhere Steve Rother begins to say that earth is dying and there is only about fifty years left. I thought back to what I remember of Gaia’s ascension process and how I believe that light workers have fought for  the safety and ascension of all life forms, even the lowest. I have also felt in the past that after ascension there would be no life force left behind for the forces that were to take advantage of. Gaia was not energetically leaving anyone behind. It is true because Gaia has not left any life forms behind. They are all energetically in their new places. All that remains is an empty shell. I suspect that the acceleration of events will continue to reach a flashpoint well before fifty years from now! We are on borrowed time!

My own work has been done. My work has been in the astral planes and the completion of that work has left me slightly puzzled about what to do next. In the meantime I continue to share what information I feel is appropriate to as many that want to hear. This conflict is no longer within the astral planes but entirely in the physical world. The final physical conflict will happen quite fast. It will not be decided in the courts or in special investigations because that is not what it is energetically about! It has been about the super human struggles of larger than life individuals!

This is a war about narrative and which narrative wins among the general population. It will never get to the courts! This week I was struck by many indicators that tell me this is about over. The murder of Seth Rich is back on the news (internet alternate news I should say) with a vengeance along with increased speculation that it was Seth Rich who gave the emails to WikiLeaks and not the Russians. If true, that would completely destroy the narrative of Russian collusion and the Trump administration. Of all things this would be the easiest to prove. Julian Assange merely needs to release emails between WikiLeaks and Seth Rich. I’m pretty sure that is going to happen and happen soon. Julian Assange has been a player in this from the beginning. He will be a part of the ending as well.

Bernie Sanders lawsuit against the DNC has been under media blackout until a few days ago when the federal prosecutor was found murdered on a Florida beach! Bernie Sander’s lawyer seems a bit frightened as well. There are ugly things moving out there in the swamp!

So these things have been flaring up this past week. I also found it highly interesting that the hacker group “Anonymous” has recently been putting out all kinds of info trying to stop WWIII. This group has not been political in the past and this abrupt change seems highly interesting as they have taken sides, taken sides against the NWO and its pawns. They seem convinced that there is little time left for the world as we know it. They are also convinced of who the bad actors are. Now they are stepping up for the first time to make a difference. “We never forget! We never forgive!”

I’ve also seen a few in the alternate media say that if something happens to them, they didn’t commit suicide! These people are fearful that their lives might be in danger because of what they are about to do in the name of narrative, or the name of truth!

So what I’m seeing is the beginning of a massive wave of retaliation against the vicious and insane Trump-Russia narrative. People are taking sides and taking personal risks which they have been unwilling to take before. This seems to me that things are going to get a lot more ugly and a lot more intense very soon! This is not going to be resolved behind closed doors but is being enacted for the public! A struggle for narrative can’t take place behind closed doors!


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