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I have waited to give an update because I wanted to be certain of what was really happening in the astral and it is exciting stuff! Things have been reaching into my physical world and that is quite unusual for me as I feel quite protected. But I’ve recently had more astral battles proving that this struggle is still continuing, but a struggle for what?

In my dreams I have become more empowered than ever before. I’ve had dreams of going through wire fences, over walls, climbing up impossible cliffs, walking on swamps without sinking in, actually levitating above the ground and flying. I recently had a dream about being blocked by a thorn bush and used my arm to push the thorns back so that I could get past it! I was not harmed!

On the surface such dreams might not seem interesting but they also signify that the astral is becoming filled with more barriers and restrictions! These barriers and restrictions are the coalescing thought forms of the human collective! This needs to be clearly understood. The human collective is creating the collective world that we are to live in, but many people are thinking in ways that create blocks and barriers for themselves and for others.

The new humans with their hive mind are creating a world of science and computers that is not flexible enough for many others that have individuated themselves. They are creating rules and laws in an attempt to force others into “accepted forms of behavior”.

These are represented by the growing barriers and restrictions within the astral planes. Yet there remain those like myself that have a growing ability to not be stopped by these barriers and restrictions! In fact, humanity is continuing its split into those that are trapped by their own creations and those that are not trapped.

History repeats itself and we are now witness to some profound things if we keep our eyes open. There are two social classes that are being created. One that prefers to be told what to do by a collective hive mind and one that prefers personal freedom and does not submit to the hive mind.

In the past we have seen this as an upper class that is “beyond the law” and a lower class that is ruled by the law. That is the classic negative twist to this phenomenon. But the reality is that those of the lower class desire an equal status without being willing to do the work required to magically pass through the barriers and restrictions of their own creation! They are not willing to develop the power of their souls, but wish mediocrity on everyone. The hive mind can’t have individuals or it wouldn’t be a hive mind!

Of course the positive twist on this is that one part of humanity, which I call the new elves, is developing the ability to magically bypass the newly created astral barriers and restrictions.

One group of people is becoming bound by their own creations and the other group is able to avoid being bound by them while living in the same world. One group of people can do things and get away with things that the other group of people can’t. One group of people has more vitality and more creative energy than the other and wishes to live in a totally different world, a world of culture or a civilized world of individualized souls!

In the United States we can see this split in the amazing energy of extreme left and right wing politics. This is all dualistic thinking! This is fear at its worst! There is a fear of the opposite point of view and this is all old eon thinking.

The new magical thinking that is promoted and being brought into dominance by the new elves is the balance of male and female, both within the soul and within society. Males and females are to love each other and share on all possible levels of creation, not just on the physical. This is the great goal of this new eon that is now beginning.

But this new goal lies where the extreme left and the extreme right merge! It lies in balance, not in mediocrity! Only the extreme left and the extreme right have any chance of finding the resolution! Only they have enough energy to do what needs to be done! Only they have a chance of entering this upper class that magically has the ability to ignore and bypass the restrictions created by the lower class.

This class struggle is being repeated and may become much more violent than ever if it is not dissolved and made harmless. The question might well become not who will be elected president, but will there be open violence on the streets after either side wins the election!



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I had a very strange dream last night. I was with a group of people and I saw a missile coming toward us. It went past us and was going to hit about a half mile away from where we were standing. I said, “We are all going to die.” And threw myself behind a boulder or barrier of some type. There came an explosion and burning flash and I could feel the heat that would not let up. I shouted, “We are going to heaven, to be with Jesus!” So I lay there trying to calm myself and not have any fear. I felt the wave of the blast finally go past us. I realized I was still alive and stood up. Others were standing up around me and laughing. I said, “What the hell just happened?” No one seemed to be hurt or injured. That was the end of the dream.


I have the sense that the explosion happened on the time line nearest to us, but went past us. Other than that I have no idea except I am furious that this stupid sh*** can still be going on and that it came so close to becoming reality. This was the first global or Gaia vision I’ve had in a month or so. So count it a near miss!



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