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As this energy wave now pushes downward into the magickal planes once again, highlighting events for the coming month, I feel a little anxiety and foreboding about things. I can senseĀ  a dark spot on my horizon where the s**t hits the fan and opens that can of worms I have been so avoiding. It is a very mixed feeling. On the one hand I know that I have to go through it to get where I want to be, but on the other hand I know that those I love will be hurt by it as well. My life is going to crack wide open and there seems to be nothing I can do about it, in fact, this must happen.

I know that in three months or so my part time job, which brings in an additional badly needed $4oo per month will be gone. Without that income, we can’t live where we are now living. We can’t really be living where we are living now. We are just forcing things and over extended.

This event is a trigger that will bring other changes as well having a domino effect and I sense other things, including outworn relationship things triggering. While I now live in two worlds, that will trigger my moving entirely into the new world and leaving the old behind. It is a good thing and a sad thing. Events are already taking place that are moving me forward into new situations and conditions.

There has been a war for this world and one side has won and one side has lost. Both sides have hearts filled with love, but their world visions are not compatible. As the 10D hologram resets itself at the end of March it will do so amidst a lot of heart ache, heart ache on both sides. It makes me wonder why this must be so, why such incompatible views need to exist side by side in our world. How can loving hearts perceive things so differently?

The great war for Gaia is over and I have been retired. My energies only affect personal timeline stuff, not global stuff any more. Yet my ability to channel and produce immense amounts of energy remain the same. I feel like an elephant in a China Shop. Astral creation is the most easy thing in the world for me, any resistance is only mere inconvenience.

I know things that others don’t know and things they need to know. I know how this creation thing works since I have been doing it throughout this great war. Yet I don’t know how to share what I know in a way that will be welcomed.

People are in for a very brutal awakening. While this new world is much kinder, more balanced and fair than the old world; it takes far more energy than ever before to creatively make things happen. The average person simply will not be able to make a dent creatively speaking in our new resonant world. They will remain at the mercy of external events and unable to alter the outcome in any meaningful way.

The resonant astral resistance to change will be many times what it has been in the past. Only full spectrum resonance will be able to affect change in this new environment. This means having the ability to function in full health at all levels of awareness. This applies to both the new elves and to the new humans each in their own respective ways.

This will be a massive challenge for humanity and a complete change in how the world is perceived. The world must be perceived through resonance, not through old concepts. Group workings must become resonant in nature as well as individual workings. To try working on only one level is doomed to failure from the start. The resonant effect will transmit any generated energies away and diffuse them harmlessly in the other energy levels.

The truth is that a relatively small group of lightworkers, (compared to the 7 billion souls on Gaia), have collectively and creatively changed our world to reflect a new way of living, loving and sharing that is very different than what the masses are accustomed to. It will be interesting to see how it all comes down.


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So much has happened in recent days that it has been all but impossible to process it in any coherent way. That is beginning to change and I can offer this brief update.

For over the past twenty five years I have been deeply enmeshed and involved in the creation and anchoring of the male/female balanced pattern of the new Elves. I have shared how this pattern has gradually been brought downward through the levels to the very last level where is has been established at the immortal 3D physical level in a way that includes both the pattern of the new elves and the pattern of the new humans.

Over these years there has been a massive war and struggle between various factions for dominance and control over Gaia’s future. What this message shares is that the struggle is over, the future is secure in a balanced way for all living things, for new elves and new humans. Physical manifestation of these new events has begun. A truce has been proclaimed. An accord has been struck which all sides can live with.


For me personally this comes as quite a shock as this intense period of my life has completed and the new has not yet opened in front of me. Astral activity has changed from global situations and events to local personal timeline stuff. In other words I have been retired and an entirely new cycle of activity has begun and it is much more personal and private than what I have been accustomed to. I have stepped into a new world as a new person and am in the process of bringing new people into my life as well. I have no idea how all of this will unfold, I only know that it will unfold physically according to the divine plan of my own creation, my creation and the creation of those I share this divine plan with. For all divine plans are collective plans, created by many for the good of many.

This time period between now and the spring equinox will see the final dissolution of non compatible energies, energies that are not compatible with the final version of this totally new Unity Grid pattern which includes the two patterns of the new elves and new humans. This time period also signals the final combustion and burning out of the repressed energies of the shadow and higher self aspects within the human race. This closure will open the path to healing and rebuilding of a new world based on love, a balanced and healthy love between males and females and a healthy human ego and self esteem.


It has been a wild ride! At times overwhelming! But now a new future awaits. I have already stepped through the door. See you all there!



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The New Humans have finished the creation of their new pattern as well and it also is a full spectrum pattern created of completely balanced male/female energies. This means the war between the sexes is finished because both working patterns, that of the New Elves and that of the New Humans consist of full spectrum resonant love energies. Resonant love is something that all living things can share!

In the old eon one individual awareness could not cross the entire spectrum of existence and each sex held one part of it. Now both sexes can enjoy the full spectrum of love and existence for the first time! The Matriarchal and Patriarchal traditions are no longer supported by either pattern.

Now here is where things get interesting. The pattern of the new elves and that of the new humans are not compatible with each other, but full initiates of either pattern are compatible with each other through full spectrum resonance! This ensures the higher unity of the entire human race! It also ensures eventual merging back into one body.

One may perceive the New Elves as the female soul of humanity and the New Humans as the male soul of humanity and they are destined to join together in love by the end of this great cycle. But that is the great work of a great cycle and much is to be done before that can happen.


In practical terms as the repressed and toxic energies of the masses burn themselves out these new resonant energies will become more dominant. They already are.


The astral planes have essentially split in a form of “cell division” in the first step of creating a “new physical body”. Although split from each other they remain tightly joined in love. The common boundary is the present moment and as timeĀ  passes individuals will wander and find their way deeper and deeper into one or the other of these multi-dimensional worlds/cells/universes.

Each multi-dimensional world/cell/universe is connected to the other through an infinite number of connections and timelines which are created by each one of us. All things have become possible.

The energetic portion of Gaia’s ascension has now been fulfilled. The vibrations might still rise but the final forms have been given shape. New Elves are drawn to experiences in their new world and New Humans are drawn to experiences in their new world. This will happen peacefully as all have love in their hearts.

Wrong thinking by New Elves and by New Humans both will be the problem as many are still not awake enough to know what is going on. Clinging to old paradigms will become seriously painful over this next few weeks and months as the repressed energies burn themselves out.

It is time for both New Humans and New Elves to get excited about what is now happening in our physical present moment world!



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In this recreation of the classic creation story of mythic proportions truth comes out about many things. The reason the divine counterpart chose to go against the divine plan was because she loved her son too much. There is no power stronger than a mother’s love and her love for her son led to the original battle of the sexes in the original fall because she loved her son, the creation of her body more than she loved her own divine counterpart.

In the mythic story this divine counterpart married with her son to beget a new race of humanity, a race that didn’t have the “soul” aspect of the divine father. This unequal pairing of marriage partners led to the creation of the lower kingdoms and finally to that of our current human race.

Divine counterparts were abandoned by their own divine counterparts who in turn left them for there own children and these “left behind” divine counterparts had no choice but to join with “chakra soul mates” in marriages as well. Thus we have the two lines of humanity, those of the matriarchal tradition and the patriarchal tradition.

In the matriarchal tradition the older and dominant female weds her younger son and dominates or rules his life. This is the “dark mother” energy that is no longer allowed within the pattern of the new elves. It has been replaced with that of the “divine mother”.


In the patriarchal tradition the older and dominant male weds his younger daughter and blames her for the loss and treachery of his own true divine counterpart. This anger and jealousy is at the root of the battle between the sexes and is no longer allowed within the pattern of the new elves. It has been replaced with an understanding that “chakra soulmates” will change every two thousand years as the ages progress and as each soul matures and out grows the relationship.

In this current reenacting of this eternal drama the new humans represent the energies of the original divine counterpart who chose to leave her own divine counterpart to marry her own son and create a new and improved race of humanity. This light and spirituality is that of “unity” but can not integrate the male and female aspects because the partnership is not equal. It is dominated by the “hive mind” of the mother.

The new elves represent the energies of the organic life forces in a natural way as it finds suitable partners for each soul at suitable points in their soul development. The pattern of the new elves is created by true divine counterparts, but in this mortal physical 3D world that pattern can only find expression through “chakra soulmates” of unequal soul ages where the older guides and directs the younger until the younger is mature enough to go off on their own to find a more suitable partner. So in our mortal world relationships will never be “perfect” but they can come much closer than ever before possible.

This is possible because of the success and dominance of the new balanced pattern of the new elves.

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Monday Feb 16 was a powerful day of activity in the astral with some major events and game changers in last minute treachery that backfired on those involved. After the astral had become fully resonant and in harmony with the organic new male/female pattern of the new elves things were locked in stalemate. The battle for Gaia’s ascension teetered on the event horizon of mortal physical 3D after being won on immortal physical 3D. There were no levels left! Now things had to manifest physically!


In an act reminiscent of the creation story and the fall of Lucifer, the most beautiful angel rebelled and switched sides at the last minute trying to sway things in favor of the new humans. The new Gaia and the new pattern were so firmly embedded in Gaia’s foundation that this angel only managed to tear away from all light and heavenly support. This angel moved upward into the spiritual light of the new humans and has become an energy source for them. This was and will be followed by other new humans that are not centered in Gaia and the heart center. It is crucial that all new humans desiring a part in Gaia’s ascension remain in their hearts and not their heads at this time as they will feel this pulling and tugging.

This massive shifting of forces left a large opening in the astral, the stalemate was broken and the magickal link for the new elves was established. The astral creations of the new elves began lining up for physical manifestation and there was a massive flow of these events in a downward direction. In summary a massive flow of astral creations downward for the new elves and a massive flow of astral creations upwards for the new humans taking them out of the game. New humans connected at the heart levels remain as observers, all players are negatively impacted.

The release of these pent up astral creations has begun. physical manifestation has begun!

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The old eon desperately seeks to hold its dominion over us, but the magick has been released, the tsunami of love has struck. Last night, Feb 12, 2015, I was struck by such an intense wave of energy that I was sick and needed to stay home from work today.

There was an immense struggle as the collective resisted becoming resonant with the new eon energies. But it was in vain. Checking the astral today shows that it is indeed resonant, in harmony and compliant with the new energies now. Things are following the new blueprint set in place and organizing themselves according to priority. Everything is happening according to higher plan.

This means that any dependence and belief in old ways of living and doing will not be supported. The heart knows its way and will not be balked. There needs to be a letting go of all that compromises the soul and makes it smaller. In letting go the new energies can come in bringing the dreams of our hearts with them. This requires a leap of faith like nothing humanity has ever seen or experienced before.


But to go against the desires of our hearts is spiritual suicide. And this tsunami of love is showing us the way. This will become amply clear on Sunday, the day after Valentine’s Day as this wave turns vertical and by the new moon we will know exactly what it is that we must do. Our hearts will speak very plainly and clearly to us. There will not be any way of misunderstanding the message if we remain true to our hearts.


We are creators and adventurers doing something that no one has ever done before and our leap of faith will be supported by physical reality, crystalline 3D physical reality. For those that dare to act a way will be opened to them even if no way seems possible. This is what ascension is all about, transcending the limits of physical reality through the magick of love, the magick of the heart.


There is no place for fear in all of this! It is a time to rejoice! Things are beginning to happen in big ways and those that follow their hearts will be protected. This is what we have all been waiting for.

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The activity on the astral has moved down to an unexpected level, the level of immortal 3D physical. No one talks about immortal 3D physical, no one thinks of it. I know that I didn’t. But suddenly my divine counterpart and I are on this level, not mortal 3D physical and it really is an unlooked for twist in an extremely complex game as it were.

So what is immortal physical 3D? What does it mean? In the reading and research I’ve done I can find at least two examples of it and in my astral encounters I’ve encountered at least five individuals operating or living at these levels. These have always been extremely rare contacts. I’ve touched these levels occasionally but not had an activated astral body birthed of such energies until this past week.

So we find one well known example in the Bible when Jesus appeared to his disciples in a closed room after the crucifixion and Thomas doubted and touched the wounds in the Savior’s hands and feet.

Mantak Chia calls this the immortal physical body in his teachings and describes it as being a well known corner stone of the traditional martial arts. When the immortal physical body is created one can then “drop” the old mortal physical body as it is no longer needed.

Apparently as far as I can tell the current astral activity is occurring at these “immortal physical” levels and not the commonly accepted “mortal physical” levels.


What does this mean? As the “immortal physical” levels become resonant and in harmony with the higher astral planes it means there will be tremendous discord growing at the “mortal physical” levels as the “mortal physical” levels seek to follow the patterns of the “immortal physical” levels and are not able to make the transition.


I don’t know but speculate that this might be the level of the etheric double or doppelganger. All I know is that it is lower than 4th density and higher than “mortal physical” 3D. It is where the body is physical and tangible to the touch, to the eyes and senses, but not like the mortal physical body.


How this all fits in I have no idea. I am just relating a curious new factor that has emerged in Gaia’s ascension process that was totally unlooked for by me at least. I suspect the new elves are currently developing this astral body just as I myself and my divine counterpart have. This would mean a growing resonance in “immortal physical” 3D and a growing separation from “mortal physical 3D.


Just some thoughts.



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