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When is the last time you had some humble pie? I was just looking at the Inner Traditions book catalog and was amazed at how many books were out there on so many esoteric subjects. It made me stop and wonder what I was really trying to do with my poor assortment of books and blogs.


In reflection I realized that it was like trying to compare apples and oranges. Most, if not all of those books in the catalog were heavily researched and very informative. I recognized several titles that I have on my bookshelf at home. There were many that I recognized as very high quality.


But my material, comes from my sweat and my blood, from my personal first-hand experience and practice. I have done what most of these books talk about and try to explain. I have traveled the right-hand path to merge with the Godhead and was then sent back down once more to earth. I have walked the left-hand path to its conclusion, confronting my greatest fears and developing my eight astral bodies. I consider the entire process of spiritual development and empowerment a purely mechanical process that is driven through extreme amounts of physically generated energy of the various types.


I look at those books and realize that very little of that information is really of value in the development of the soul and its powers. In contrast, I try to give information that I feel is of the greatest value whether others believe that to be true or not.


In the end one can either sense the power, energy, and vitality in my words or not. They can choose to use this information or not, but I consider it to be the finest information available in the world!


On to other things! This month has been very intense to put it mildly. Every day at work I have been listening to one book or another. These have centered around the writings of Julius Evola, the Western mystery tradition, and the occultism of Nazi Germany. I have listened to more books in the last month than I have read in the last five years! The strange thing is that I’m not listening to these books for esoteric knowledge, because I already have that. I’m using them to fill in the little details of the big picture.


The big picture of Earth’s ascension now seems to be focused upon human society. For years there has been an ongoing battle over Earth’s ascension. this battle has now moved into the purely human sphere. This month has seen the final severance of souls from the old power structure. Those humans that I call the new elves have lost their connection to the spiritual light and have begun drawing spiritual power from the earth itself. They are experiencing the fall. This is what I am experiencing as well. Those humans that I call the new humans have lost their connection to the earth and have begun drawing spiritual energy from the light. These changes have occurred whether the individuals are aware of them or not.


For me this has involved a radical polarization against the right-hand path of the spiritual tradition. This has come to me as a great surprise and I’m still trying to process it. Up until now I have walked both paths, that of the light, and that of the dark. But now I walk in the warm darkness of the earth energies lit with the light that I have brought down with me. It seems to me that this severance needs to happen so that the new cycle can proceed. It is the beginning of the game, not the end of the game! Once more I have fallen to earth!


As I mentioned earlier, these changes have now hit society and you will see some interesting changes within the political parties before the coming elections. There will be a movement of spiritually inclined voters toward the Democratic party and a movement of environmentally conservative voters toward the Republican Party. What’s happening is that the radical right is finding a way to unite with the radical left and leaving the lukewarm voters for the Democratic Party. This may take a few years to develop, but the outcome is certain. There are troubled times ahead.


The beginning of this new age is magical and the new elves will be the first to be empowered. The new elves will be individualistic anarchists and will not fit in very well with our current collective social structure. Things are going to have to change! There will be a needed movement toward self-sustaining communities and lifestyles with a greater emphasis on recycling and renewable energy sources.


The powers that be/or were will continue trying to envelop the world in global warfare but it is not going to work. The collective does not want war! The rich are going to lose their money. It will be taken from them. But not without a fight! Racial tensions will increase to explosive proportions. People will start dropping out of society. Law enforcement will not be adequate. Just two weeks ago someone shattered the side window of my wife’s van. It is starting!


The only effective protection is magical protection!

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For those occult minded readers I would refer you to the blog Magic, Mystery and Madness which is getting some real activity for awhile. I feel it necessary to make public the left hand path so that those called to this path might get the information they need. After enough material is posted to get people started I will drop back to a more normal rate of posting.

I only recently gained an understanding of the pressures confronting our society while reading The Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity. This problem is now the most pressing one confronting our society and the most dangerous. I felt that needed information of a more balanced nature should be disclosed to assist in bringing some sanity to an insane situation. So I am in the process of posting what I know of this.

In a way I’m coming out of the closet by doing this and drawing some very definite lines in the sand that will estrange me from others. Well, so be it! The time for niceties is past. Some things need to be said and said quickly!

In particular the higher levels of the astral planes are becoming dormant and those seeking empowerment of any kind there are in for a rude awakening. The world is not going in the direction they think it is. I just didn’t realize how desperate the plight really was until reading this book.

In every age of humanity the existing civilization becomes too decadent and weak and is overrun by a more viral and vital population. I will simply say that our existing decadent and weak society/civilization will not and can not prevail against this new power, the power of the lowest astral levels. But I also hope that it doesn’t have to be violent and full of hatred. Make love, not war! This is the message I’m hoping to share with this new material. There is still hope!

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