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3D Earth Under New Guardianship!


The astral/etheric has given way and the new 3D earth is under new guardianship. You might recognize these new/old guardians by their sign/sigil.

What does this mean? Well it means the forces of light have won and magic is now entering our newly created world. Those at the forefront of the ascension movement are experiencing the physical embodiment of their ascended awareness. For these individuals spirit and physical reality have now merged.

This ancient symbol was last used in ancient Atlantis when all spiritual paths were united under the law of One in the Temple of the Heart. This is not a symbol of the Temple of the Heart but a symbol of those warriors that served the Temple of the Heart.

It is now possible for this Order to once more become active on the physical plane and once more serve the Temple of the Heart as it is established. The Temple of the Heart is open to all life. These warriors are like the special ops division, the knights of the temple, so to speak. The Temple of the Heart is open to all that have ascended, this Order is not.

These individuals are being activated through this coming full moon period and will become more active as they grow accustomed to their new roles. Their role is to protect the earth and all life upon it as earth continues through her ascension process. Earth has completely ascended and is currently in the process of eliminating disharmonious elements. This ascension process has continued downward to include the creation of a new 3D earth as well.

The new 3D earth is to play an important part in the next great experiment that will be put into play next year. Those that have ascended will have plenty of time during this year to decide if they wish to be a part in this new experiment or not.

In summary, earth has completed its ascension process and is currently eliminating all disharmonious elements with the help of these new guardians. Those that have ascended will feel the magic of the new earth beginning to work for them depending upon their level of advancement. Luck will seem to go their way.

Those that were/are not able to ascend will be given the option to “opt out” and walk-ins will take their places. These walk-ins will be exploring human life for the first time without any special abilities. Ascended individuals are welcome to stay and assist them through this daunting process. They will retain their abilities. They will be the new guardians of humanity.

Others that have ascended will need to leave 3D earth when this new cycle/experiment begins at the end of 2012. They will remain at the higher levels, in shadows of the new earth. Interested individuals might wish to read the fantasy novels of Amber written by Roger Zelazany.

A higher truth is that all life requires a physical and non-physical component. They both work together in the creation of a resonant circuit. The non-physical aspect forms the inductive portion of the circuit and the physical aspect forms the capacitive portion of the circuit. Both are required.

Ascension into 4th density and beyond activates the “non-physical” bodies at various levels. In choosing to leave 3D reality one also must sever their ties with their physical counterpart even though a connection will always remain and at some future time the contact must be re-established. Many of our space brothers have spent eons away from their physical 3D bodies and forgotten that they even have them. The sacred task of the guardians is to protect those “lost” physical bodies and life forms as well until they are reclaimed by their rightful owners.

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