Ascension Update

I’ve waited to be certain of what is happening before posting this update. Gaia’s ascension is moving along splendidly and much will happen by the June solstice. Since the March equinox the lower level energies have been locked permanently at the new ascension frequencies which they will keep. This is the most important part of this message and the one that I needed to make certain of. The lower level energies have locked into their newly ascended frequencies and all life forms on Gaia must now adapt and adjust to these new foundational frequencies by either raising or lowering in frequency and become an harmonic of these foundational frequencies.

Many ascended lightworkers for example are operating from the higher levels but are still trying in vain to raise Gaia’s foundational energies higher. They are now feeling the stress of working against an immovable foundational frequency that will not budge. Other ascended light workers who have integrated their shadow aspects are feeling the release of stress as the new base frequencies now support them in all ways. What I am saying is that many have ascended and simple ascension doesn’t necessarily mean lack of stress or conflict. Many devout Christians for example with a high degree of ascended love and spiritual centeredness are functioning at high vibratory levels, but are not locked in harmony with the new foundational frequencies and are fighting a losing battle against inner fears which no one can help them with. These inner fears will continue to erupt in clashes with the new physical reality as seen in American politics right now.

For two lunar cycles now I have witnessed the lower level energies holding intact at the new frequencies and throwing the higher levels into disarray and confusion. The lower levels will not budge because they have already ascended and it is the higher levels that must adapt to find peace and harmony. This should be self-evident because many of Gaia’s fragile life forms can only exist within a narrow frequency range. That narrow frequency range is the range of vital life force energy and is shared by all living things. It has now been solidly established at its new frequency as I mentioned.

What this means is that the remainder of Gaia’s ascension process is to take place within human thinking, not any place else. Wrong thinking by ascended souls as well as wrong thinking by those that have refused to ascend. The way forward is through a new perspective, not through altered physical circumstances. Please understand this! From this point onward altered circumstances will be the result of either an altered perspective and change in thinking, or the reverse; forced changes in life’s circumstances will force new thinking and an altered perspective. Clinging to the old perspective will bring ruin!

The foundation is now set and the physical manifestation has begun! The new spiritual hierarchy is emerging! Wrong thinking will become obvious as it is vigorously opposed by the new reality. The new pattern that fuels Gaia’s Unity Grid is one of balanced male and female energies that now draw Divine Counterparts towards each other. The esoteric symbol of this new great cycle is the male and female standing side by side and holding hands as they walk out into the new world as equals and as soulmates. Nothing else is energetically supported. This is happening with all species and life forms.

Love is the only reality that now matters.


For those in harmony with the new energies this is a time of emergence into a new world. It is spring in the northern hemisphere and the leafing season where new life bursts forth according to nature. In our own lives we can see the tender shoots of our new life breaking through the soil for the first time.

This past month has been a difficult one because the energy needed to find new pathways and the old pathways no longer existed. This internal pressure reached a crisis point on yesterday’s full moon, April 22.

What does this mean? What did I just say? Properly balanced and harmonious astral events have just entered the “printing que” of physical manifestation. Once they have entered this “printing que” they can’t be tampered with or altered in any way except to perhaps be augmented and speeded up by the self destruction of opposing forces. They can be speeded up but they can’t be stopped! Generally the time differential for physical manifestation is less than 3 months so we are looking at major things happening on a global scale during the next three months as these new energies collectively “emerge” in a physical and public way!

My dreams and visions have been very active at the 4th density levels. I have personally witnessed how those seeking to retain power over humanity have been swept aside at the last minute by this new current. They have reached for the goal and it was withheld from them and given to others that had truly earned the right to such empowerment.

In my personal life “Emergence” has manifested with the publication of two books: “Vampire” by Hanns Heinz Ewers¬† which is a translation I’ve been working on for over five years now; and “Radical Satansim: The Tantric Path of Divine Counterparts”. What makes this emergence important is that the publication of “Vampire” propels me solidly into professional life as a translator of German literature. It is the third volume of a trilogy and been eagerly awaited for several years now.



“Radical Satanism: The Tantric Path of Divine Counterparts” completes my “emergence” by publicly baring my soul to the public in a very vulnerable way. It is a sharing of my soul’s journey and my experiences, things I have never felt secure enough to share before.



Please understand that I share this as an example of the “emergence” process that many will now be going through.

“Emergence” means exactly that! Around the world new leaders are beginning to step forward and letting their voices be heard for the first time. They will have the support of the universe behind them. What we are actually seeing is the emergence of a new spiritual hierarchy that will guide humanity through this new cycle.


Last night, April 4, prosperity energies were released within the astral for those able to access them.

Last night I had a very vivid dream in which I was standing in some factory type building as some large vats or containers were about to be opened. There was a sense of excitement in the dream. Then some workers opened the vats and suddenly there were pieces of candy on the floor and people were excitedly trying to pick them up, including me. I put a piece of candy in my mouth and than began picking up as much as I could in what could only be described as a greedy and selfish way. I soon had more than I could carry and each time I tried to pick up a piece some would fall back onto the floor.

There was someone I knew from work trying to pick some up as well and we reached for the same piece at the same time. He had just begun to pick some up and didn’t have much, but I tried to get it first any way.

Then suddenly my dream self changed its mind and told my co-worker to get a bag that we could both put candy in. He held the bag and I put all the candy that I had collected into the bag for him although some of it dropped back onto the floor. The sense that I had was that he was going to be holding the candy for both of us and for others as well.

Now this dream has some very interesting elements. First the release and availability of the candy with others almost fighting for it, myself included. There was an element of greed.

Then my actually putting some in my mouth and eating it. This is very significant because I was able to ingest the candy and energy. Energy wise it really didn’t matter if I had one piece or a hundred. An energy connection is an energy connection! So all the other candy was excess or surplus energy!

The next interesting element is that of my dream self changing his mind in mid dream and deciding to not only share the candy but give all of it that I had collected to my co-worker. This involved cooperative and collective action and reversed the selfish and greedy individualistic position that had motivated my dream self earlier.

This last part seems to indicate that the surplus prosperity energies can only be used for non-selfish purposes and in cooperation with others. Even though some can be used for personal growth at first.

I don’t think these energies would have brought me prosperity if I hadn’t been willing to share them and turn the candy over to someone else! The sense that I have is that these energies can’t be used for the wrong purpose! Not everyone will have access to them.

The massive wave of heart energy that flooded the lower astral planes on March 28th took root and is now moving upward through the astral taking it by storm! There is no resisting this flood of life force energy and anything not in harmony with it will be simply brushed aside. There is no more gridlock, only manifestation! Let things manifest, regroup and realign to your true goal, that of your divine counterpart!

What is happening is that this flood of heart energy and love anchored at the lowest astral levels of male and female sexuality and draws one mate to another in sexual attraction and love. This basic and primal instinct is available to all living things, plants and animals and for the first time all life is adding its voice and its vital life force to Gaia’s ascension!

Energetically humanity has been split with one half desiring self individuation as an evolutionary leap and the other half has struggled to retain the hive minded collective intact. This resulted in long standing gridlock and stoppage of progress in Gaia’s ascension.

Now for the first time the animals and plants and all living things throw their own weight into this battle on the organic side! You can’t call this a tipping point because the one side so outnumbers the other that there is no longer any resistance possible! There is only the need to survive the manifesting energies and regrouping after the tension has cleared.

Make no mistake about this. If a wall manifests in front of you it means that you are going in the wrong direction and working against the energies! That is not the end of the world, but it does bring personal self destructive behaviors into personal awareness so that they can be understood and left behind. Admit the mistake and move forward in the right direction. What is the right direction? Your heart already knows!


Monday March 28 the 1st ascension wave combined with the 2nd ascension wave to open a new portal of heart energy and a massive outpouring of this heart energy flooded down into Gaia’s lower astral plane in preparation for her final upliftment near the June solstice.

I never felt so much energy. I never felt so much pure energy and love energy. I tried to channel it and ground it in Gaia’s core. There was a massive astral upset and the lower astral attempted to deal with this influx of energy. Gaia’s new energy grid remained stable and absorbed the energy. Today March 30 the astral seems relatively stable as the wave of energy prepares to move upward into the spiritual planes tonight as we head toward the new moon in a little¬† over a week.

What this means is a major shaking up of the lower astral as this influx of energy triggers things, both good and bad. Negative energies can not exist in the high vibrations and they will erupt into consciousness or erupt unconsciously as psychotic behaviors. The good news is that once the trapped and repressed energy is released things will settle. The bad news for those that can’t integrate their own shadow is that they will now find this world a harsher place to live in and will need to work harder at making things work because they will be struggling against their own self destructive impulses. I call these people the New Humans because they are embodied here to play the new duality game. By the end of this new cycle they will have learned what those graduating have already learned.

Those that have been on Gaia since the beginning have learned to integrate their shadow aspects and will find the ability to slide through the cracks and have things work for them for the first time ever! I call these people the New Elves because they are Gaia born and their souls are strongly connected to her.

In real life and at the work place I see lots of tension as contested issues manifest with clear winners and losers and the losers aren’t too happy. But they just need to suck it up and move on because in the long run our world is going to be a very wonderful place!

The release of tension as things manifest will assist in raising Gaia’s vibrations even further! So expect a lot of bad stuff to self destruct between now and the next full moon at the end of April.





Easter Message

By now we can look at our lives and see what things will grow and what things refuse the new energies. It is not for us to choose, we have long since chosen. This is a time of acceptance as the old falls away to create space for something new, something precious. Our task is now to weed the garden so that what we have planted and is now springing forth from the earth can grow in love and light.

As spiritual gardeners we have sown the seeds for our new garden and some seeds have been given life and some have not been given life. As the new growth breaks through the surface and begins to leaf out we can see for the first time our future path. Our future path is to keep the weeds away from the delicate new life as it shoots forth its leaves in preparation for its later blossoming.

This is the simple cycle of nature in the spring. It happens every year, but this year is special because this is the first year that nothing from the old eon can continue to grow in the new energies. New growth requires a balance of energies and things of the old eon carry the seed of self-destruction inside. The old things are in the process of self-destructing. The new is beginning to leaf out.

The rebirth of life in the spring is a blessing and gives promise of the harvest in the fall. For those in the southern hemisphere this is the beginning of autumn and of the harvest. The fruits of your labors are manifesting as we speak. But old eon fruit is no longer available for the first time. Again, it is not to question which things are which. All is now self-evident and appears before us if we are willing to see. The unfolding is upon us.

In my personal life I’ve noticed a grudging letting go as things slowly resolve with attitude! None of this seems to be going very peacefully or gracefully. Our world is divided and for the first time we are truly seeing the results of that division in terms of what can grow in these new energies and what carries the seed of self-destruction. We are collectively being confronted by our own fears and that is never a pleasant prospect! Some things are dying and some things are blossoming according to nature.

It is good to step back and give thanks for our blessings and for the life that has been given us, especially on this Easter Sunday!




Last night was the actual March equinox and last night I had a powerful dream of wandering through buildings filled with people that were settling in to new living spaces. Its pretty obvious that these were the second wave newly ascended people moving into their new world.

But I was wandering around trying to find a place for my dog Luci whom I was carrying. She even had a bonnet and gown on like other infants in my dream. But as I wandered through rooms and up and down levels I couldn’t find any place that was for her.

This dream marks a series of over thirty dreams that I’ve had about my dog Luci and my dream self protecting her from harm in some way or another. Why so many dreams? What does she represent?

It seems pretty clear that Luci has a soul that is powerful enough and loving enough to ascend with the 2nd wavers. In fact, she is a 2nd waver! That brings up the issue of how many other species are ascending with the human race at this time?

Gaia has waited for the human race and put other species at risk. Now is the time to save the others! It might seem strange that an animal like Luci has a soul that can ascend and many humans can’t. How many animals are there like her? How many species are capable of ascending with our help?

Gaia has lifted us up and now it is our turn to lift up all life on Gaia!


bright blessings.



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