I would like to share a little bit about going into the light! But first let me talk about how I perceive Prime Creator. I think that Prime Creator or Supreme Being or whatever term we might use exists as the first cause of all that exists. I also think that this Prime Creator is totally beyond human comprehension and human understanding. To ponder imponderables is perhaps the greatest waste of time that there is! By the very definition of being beyond human comprehension it is not possible to comprehend Prime Creator.


But we can comprehend to a certain degree the creation in which we exist. That creation is made out of energy and vibratory motion. The core building blocks are the photon/electricity and rotational magnetic field energy. Please let me clarify this. The highest spiritual light that we can comprehend is vibratory in nature! There is an outward pulse followed by a return inward pulse. At the highest level of existence we find the duality of frequency itself!


All of life originated as a divine spark of light. But there are two forms of awareness that were simultaneously created, male awareness and female awareness. The outward motion of light and the photon as well as outward spiraling North Pole magnetic fields is the origin of male awareness. The inward motion of electricity as well as the inward spiraling of South Pole magnetic fields is the origin of female awareness. These two types of awareness  are polar opposites and have no awareness of the other polarity. As life evolved this outward male awareness and inward female awareness evolved as well. Neither side had an awareness of the other.


True unity can be seen most clearly in the yin-yang symbol! In this symbol two opposite types of energy can be seen in a rotating motion of perfect symmetry and union. When I mention Divine Counterparts this is what I’m talking about, two souls that are complete opposites of each other, yet contain the seeds of each other within their own selves. To energetically connect with our Divine Counterpart is the highest spiritual experience possible.


Before you can make  permanent contact with your Divine Counterpart you must first balance the male and female aspects of your own soul. The way to do this is through loving relationships with the opposite sex, most notably chakra soulmates whom we share a specific type of energy with. Only in this way does your soul become complete, and only after your soul becomes complete are you able to approach your Divine Counterpart!


Each Divine Counterpart couple literally creates the world and universe in which they live as well as all life forms within it. These multiple worlds and universes blend together with those of all other Divine Counterparts to create a collective reality. In this it can be seen that we are truly the creators of our own lives! When we support the lives and creations of others they become empowered in our world and in theirs as well. When we conflict with the creations of others that conflict exists within our world and  theirs as well.


When I speak of Gaia’s ascension I speak of the timeline which is created by Rose and myself, my Divine Counterpart. When you speak of Gaia’s ascension you are speaking of the timeline which is created by you and your Divine Counterpart. But these timelines coexist and the more strongly they harmonize and resonate with each other, the stronger and more resonant our personal timelines become!


There is currently a battle of dominance among various timelines. Highly evolved Divine Counterpart pairs have created a timeline that is perfectly balanced between male and female energies and this timeline is the dominant timeline! It is the dominant timeline because Divine Counterpart energy when perfectly balanced is the most powerful energy that there is!  These Divine Counterpart couples act as gods and goddesses creating a new garden of Eden upon a new Gaia.


Old eon energy and the old pattern was also created out of divine counterpart energies. That is why they are so persistent and resistant to change! The old pattern exists within our very DNA and can only be replaced by a new and higher connection with our own Divine Counterpart, a connection that is higher and more pervasive than ever before. It is a quantum leap, an evolutionary leap that first must destroy the old pattern before it can replace the old pattern with the new pattern!


We must first confront our own self-destructive beliefs and behaviors before they can be replaced with creative beliefs and behaviors! In following the Tantric path this is particularly true about healthy human sexuality and working with sexual orgasm energy. The old and perverse ways of thinking and dealing with human sexuality are currently being brought into awareness where they can be confronted and admitted. This is a painful, but necessary process which we are seeing quite clearly in the current presidential election.







The second presidential debate is history and no one can deny that a war is going on for which road the United States will travel down in the future days. What many don’t realize is that you, all of you have already decided it! I would like to share from my perspective how these things work. There are some really interesting energy dynamics that can finally be seen at play. Hopefully we can all begin to understand just how powerful we really are and how we do have the ability to influence and create the reality that we desire.


A few days before the September equinox I asked all of you to try working twice daily with sexual orgasm energy in an effort to rupture the lowest astral layer and help release the toxic and negative energies that were trapped there. Your response was immediate and intense. The stalemate or deadlock of energies that was hanging at fifth density abruptly broke when the lower astral ruptured from the generation of your collective sexual orgasm energy. Because of your efforts the stalemate was broken and the energy flowed in a way that favored those who had integrated their shadow aspects and balanced their soul’s male and female  energies.


The rupturing of the lower astral caused a recalibration of all the energetic factors by including all life forms upon Gaia  including all life forms within the lower levels as well as the higher levels. This recalibration took your inputs into its calculation as well and a new future timeline was created at that moment. That’s how it works! That was immediately prior to the September equinox, the deadline for altering things for the coming year. We have just seen the shift to  that timeline triggered at the physical level by the second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.


Let’s take a look at this. The astral is completely filled and solidly packed. There are no empty spaces. Everything is under intense pressure and was at a deadlock. Neither  side could win or gain a permanent advantage. It was actually quite weird to watch how an up or down movement on one side would be matched almost identically by an up or down movement on the other side which acted to energetically balance the two opposing forces and keep them immobilized. This all changed when your energy caused the lower astral to rupture!


This illustrates how magic truly works in this new eon! That sexual orgasm energy entered Gaia’s  grid work and triggered the sex tape crisis for Donald Trump 48 hours before the presidential election. It also triggered his response at the presidential debate as well as Hillary’s response. The energy was out there in this tightly closed and supercharged environment   needing someplace to go. It triggered these energies within both Donald Trump and within Hillary Clinton and within the audience. Donald  Trump struggled with this activation of his dark side energy and    overcame it by essentially telling the American public that there is a difference between the words a person says and the actions that they do. This was especially powerful because he is a man of action and not words. Hillary  Clinton was not able to integrate her shadow aspect and chose “the high road”. That’s when Donald Trump won the debate and the election!


You can see how powerful  the disruption of the lower astral plane really was and how the future has been changed and how it can continue to be changed by those working consciously and creatively with sexual orgasm energy.


What happened was a tipping of the scales with the energy  now flowing in a specified direction within the astral that cannot be changed. Your input of energies was the tipping point, and now the balance of power is not the way it was before. Energetically Donald Trump has the upper hand and Hillary Clinton is trying to catch her balance just as WikiLeaks publishes more documents damaging to her campaign. The release of those documents will keep her off stride as well as the continued release of documents and  most likely the third upcoming presidential debate.


What I wanted to share in this post was how your collective working of sex magic generated the low level energy for all of this to take place in the way that it did. I would like to congratulate you all on a job well done!

I’m going to take a few minutes to talk about what makes Divine Counterpart energy so different than any other energies. When the energies of two Divine counterparts mingle and unite they create something that cannot be destroyed! From an occult perspective there are three kinds of creative astral energy. The most common is collective energy. This is the combined energy of a widely diverse group of people and  is quite powerful in its own way depending upon the number of people in the group and the level of harmony between the group members. There is a collective agreement about the nature of the reality which all members of the group exist within. This can also be called the hive mind or collective consciousness which is manifested and personified within a small group of leaders that represent all of the other members of the group. All things are created from light and for that reason spiritual light represents the collective unity of all things. As Einstein pointed out matter and energy are interchangeable and the soul is created out of energy.


Chakra soulmate energies are those energies of love within the common romantic relationship in which a spark is struck and both people fall in love with each other. The spark that exists between these two people consists of a type of shared energy which they have in common with each other. This shared energy is stronger and more creative within the astral  than simple collective energy and works to create individual timelines and personal events that both people experience. There is soul growth as long as the spark of love remains and each person grows as a result. Chakra soulmates were the most powerful form of male-female relationships during the old eon.  Each person provides the catalyst for change within the other. This kind of energy is responsible for the perpetuation of physical life upon a physical  earth. It also specializes by working the creative powers and energies of one particular chakra or type of energy.


Divine Counterpart energy is a perfect match at all levels of the soul and what is created by two Divine Counterparts cannot be modified in any way except by the Divine Counterparts themselves! It can never burn itself out. It is a constantly renewing  flame of love that can never   end because it feeds upon itself and comes directly from Source. It is the energy of a single soul that has willingly split itself into two parts so that it can in time find it’s missing half and reunite with it. It is the reunion of two perfect opposites! It is the harnessed and controlled energy of matter and antimatter working together in a creative way for a common purpose and a common goal.


Each one of us has the illusion of living in a collective world. In reality our Divine Counterpart creates our own personal and individual world with us even if we don’t know who they are. At the highest levels we remain connected and we create the lives which we want to experience. The lives which we create for ourselves must always be balanced in one way or another because of this Divine Counterpart effect. This is what we call karma.


But the bottom line is that when two Divine Counterparts begin the process of reuniting no other type of energy can stand in their way or come between them! These two energies will crowd out collective energy and crowd out soulmate chakra energy until the only energy that remains is their own perfectly matched energy. If this sounds too good to be true it must be realized that both Divine Counterpart couples have spent lifetimes apart from each other evolving in very different ways and experiencing things from very different perspectives. Their reunion is a very difficult thing indeed to achieve on the physical planes. When their energies clash they can destroy everything around them.


The energetic pattern for this new great cycle is that of Divine Counterparts reuniting and coming together in love and harmony! The bumps along the road as this happens are going to be very explosive to say the least. The longing for each Divine Counterpart to be reunited with its partner is often thwarted by self-destructive beliefs and behaviors that first need to be brought into awareness and then neutralized. The reunion of Divine Counterparts is the most heroic and courageous thing that can be attempted! There are currently many Divine Counterpart couples living in physical bodies upon Gaia that are trying to show us the way!

I am speaking from the heart. The things that I am sharing  are activities or meditations. They are very simple yet effective in developing the soul and its powers in the fastest and safest way possible. There is nothing to memorize or learn and no dogma to believe  in. What I’m trying to do is short-circuit thousands of years of false teachings and the deliberate sabotage of the sacred path of Divine Counterparts.

In previous posts I’ve given meditations on how to tap into the Divine Counterpart energy grid, and merge that energy with the energies of the pituitary gland and the pineal gland to form the rudimentary soul or basic energy ball. I’ve also shared the importance of visualizing and mentally raising that energy ball up into the light to once more connect with the energy of your Divine Counterpart  and supercharge the energy ball. I further shared how this supercharged energy ball has various properties that can be used to purge and cleanse the physical body  of trapped and repressed toxic and harmful energies.

I’ve also taught how awareness can be tightly focused within the basic energy ball to travel around both within the body and to project outside of the body. These meditations are much more than what  they might appear at first glance. They are literally keys that can be used to open new doorways into the unknown. These are powerful techniques, yet natural and organic techniques that come naturally as the soul is developed.

In this post I would like to put closure to this particular series of meditations by offering variations of it and suggesting new areas of exploration. It is important to create an energetic channel through the spine  and even further down into the core of Gaia herself. The basic energy ball can cleanse and purify each chakra center in stages one at a time. This is done by allowing the supercharged energy ball to attract the negative and toxic elements to it and then raise the fully loaded energy ball up into the light of the Divine Counterpart energy where it can be dissolved safely and harmlessly. By creating this energetic channel through the physical body a safety valve is created that will absorb and  defuse the destructive forces of more deeply buried and repressed energy pockets within the physical body. It’s important to understand that the basic energy ball or rudimentary soul body is created out of purely spiritual energies and even though it can clear a pathway into the lower levels it is not truly of those lower levels.

There is a very important chakra center at the point where your feet touch the ground. Once an energetic channel has been created through the entire body  bring the supercharged energy ball down the spine through the legs to the point where the feet touch the earth and continue the process as before. This will be used to draw negative and toxic energies from your environment and safely remove them. It is a very powerful means of cleansing your immediate environment.

Following this the supercharged energy ball can be plunged deep down within the earth to its very core and be anchored there. Once the energy has been anchored at the core of the earth itself Divine Counterpart energy can be visualized streaming downward through your body into the earth to its very core and anchored there.

The final phase of this meditation is to visualize the Divine Counterpart energy streaming down this energetic channel to the center of Gaia and filling it, filling it to overflowing, to the point where the  earth energy begins to rise back up the energy channel and follow back up into your feet, back up through the spine, back up out of the top of the head and back to the source of Divine Counterpart energy itself! This completes a two-way circuit of  spiritual and earth energy within the physical body that connects it solidly to Gaia and to your Divine Counterpart. This energy channel is permanent and more will be said about it at a later time.

Another variation of this meditation is where each energy center or chakra is visualized as a ball and then merged with the basic energy ball. This gets kind of cumbersome because the size increases and it becomes more and more difficult to visualize, but it is very valuable in harmonizing and making all energy centers resonant with each other.

After this divine safety valve is put into place it is safe to begin working with Tantric sexual orgasm energies. The twice-daily generation of sexual orgasm energies over an extended period of time is not really safe until this safety valve is put into place! But once this safety valve is put into place Go  For It!

I assume that many people are interested in the status of Gaia’s ascension and what is going on in the astral planes these days. Nothing has really happened  since I posted about the lower astral level rupturing and massive amounts of energy grounding into the earth.


It is not a coincidence that the presidential election here in the United States is currently deadlocked in a tie. The forces that are combating against each other are equally matched and neither side can win without the support of some outside force. Those people working with sexual orgasm energy to purge the lower astral level provided this outside force causing the astral planes to rupture and to ultimately ground  that defining and decisive energy into Gaia’s core. The victory was  won at that time.  That is when the dominoes began to fall.


Even though the outcome has already been decided and put into place, it doesn’t take a psychic to realize that this deadlock of energy will continue right up to the election itself. Events within the astral planes gravitate toward each other with the result that there are trigger events, around which all other events fall into place. The presidential election is such an event. Once the winners and losers of the election have been determined the apparent gridlock will rapidly disappear in a flurry of activity.


Again, it doesn’t take a psychic to realize who will win the presidential election. We have all collectively decided to take the more difficult and faster path of ascension. That certainly does not sound like voting for the status quo to me. It sounds like voting for change! There is only one presidential candidate that is running on the platform of change, Donald Trump. There, I’ve said it. In a few days we will see how accurate my assessment has been. In the meantime we sit tight and watch all the drama!  Plenty of soft drinks and popcorn will help us to enjoy the show!


Our population is currently split with one half tapping into the energies of the new eon and one half trying to hold on to the old ways of doing things. From this point until the winter solstice in December one side will be purging and preparing for the coming influx of energy at the solstice. The other side will be running out of options and finding nowhere to turn. The events are all locked into place. There is nothing to do but wait for the events to play out in physical reality.


I will again repeat that at the beginning of a new cycle the active energies are those at the lowest levels. It is this lower-level activity that brings magic once more into the world and places all living things on an equal footing. The high level intellectualism of the illuminati  is currently going against natural law! It cannot prevail against the organic energy of life itself!


Multi dimensional abilities are appearing in people around the globe. These multidimensional abilities will take precedence over such illuminati  controlled schemes and manipulations. These are the times in which true individuals appear, individuals that will show all of us the way to go!


I would like to add a final comment about our space brothers and sisters. I recently had a dream about seeing a flying saucer. There is no doubt in my mind that they exist and that the higher levels are filled with   sentient beings and life forms. But there is also no doubt in my mind that these sentient beings will never be seen or recognized by those choosing to live in physical 3D. It can’t happen because those beings don’t exist in physical 3D and never will! Physical 3D is not going away! It is just becoming more malleable and subject to creative forces. We are learning to live in all dimensions at the same time! Not just physical 3D!


It is time to begin actively working with  Divine Counterpart energies! It is time to experience a quantum leap in love relationships!

Sin And Forgiveness

It seems appropriate to talk about sin and forgiveness given the state of the current presidential election here in the United States. The second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be held tomorrow night and the world is waiting to see what will happen. But in our hearts, what we are really waiting for is one of these two people who want to be president to show some understanding from the heart about spirituality and forgiveness. All that really needs to be said is, “I love my spouse with all my heart and I wish other people could discover the happiness and the love that I have discovered.” Somehow I don’t think that will happen.


The topic of sin and forgiveness is appropriate for the next stage of purification and soul development. We have completed the creation of the basic energy ball which combines and harmonizes the Divine Counterpart energy grid, the energies of  the pituitary gland and the energies of the pineal gland. This is the basic  rudimentary soul and it’s time to start working with it.


I’m going to suggest some actions and activities that can be practiced using this basic energy ball and then I am going to explain just how powerful these practices really are and why they are so important. First, go through the process of merging all three energies together and form the basic energy ball that feels almost like a fishbowl around your head. Now try moving this basic energy ball around using your imagination. Visualize this energy ball lifting rising up into the spiritual light. Then visualize it coming back down again. Do this several times.


Raising this basic energy ball up into the spiritual light and putting it in contact with the Divine Counterpart energies supercharges the basic energy ball and visualizing it coming back down into your body brings even more Divine Counterpart energy into your body. Now Divine Counterpart energy strongly attracts earth energy as well as any trapped, repressed, negative and toxic energies within the body. These trapped  and repressed energies are attracted to the supercharged energy ball like iron filings are attracted to a magnet. It is truly remarkable what can be done to cleanse the physical body of these toxic and repressed energies.


After you have lifted the basic energy ball up into the light several times to charge it completely slowly and gently visualize it moving down toward the throat chakra. The first few times just go a little way and pay attention to the sensations and what is happening. Keep the energy ball  rotating like a large snowball. As you reach the throat chakra area or even before you reach the throat chakra area the energy ball will attract and absorb negative and toxic energies. As it spins you might even sense the energy ball grabbing onto things and pulling them into it or sense things stuck to it like scraps or rags. When the energy ball is fully loaded with these impurities keep it rotating and gently  lift it up into the light where it will release those impurities and toxins and dissolve them in the energies of your Divine Counterpart.


This process of supercharging the basic energy ball, then lowering it down the spine to the various energy centers of the body is very graphic and real. Work at this meditation a little bit every day descending from one chakra center to the next. I’ve helped many people with this visualization and meditation and they have had no trouble completing it. But they have shared similar experiences to my own about its power and effectiveness. I found that the two most common problem areas are the throat chakra or the heart chakra. In my own case I had suffered a spinal injury as a teenager right between my shoulder blades which affected the heart chakra. To my horror the energy ball would go down into the heart center but seem to get caught and not want to go back up again! It took about two weeks for me to smooth out this injury and open this energy channel fully. The only way I could do it was to load up the toxic and negative energy onto the supercharged energy ball and then lift that energy ball up into the light of my Divine Counterpart and release it  where it could be dissolved.


This process is really the process of forgiveness because we are taking the trapped, repressed, toxic and negative energies out of our body and turning them over to a higher power where they are neutralized. This is also a very spiritual process because the basic energy ball is supercharged with the highest spiritual energies available, the thousands of volts that come from our connection to our Divine Counterpart.


There is another way that this particular meditation is very powerful. We can visualize our awareness as being centered within the energy ball as it rises into the light of our Divine Counterpart and as it lowers down our spine into lower  chakra centers. The sensation is similar to that of  riding in an elevator. We can feel our awareness rising up the levels and going down just as if we were standing in an elevator. This simple practice teaches us how to focus our awareness from within the basic energy ball or rudimentary soul body and travel out of body into the higher levels to contact our Divine Counterpart! In doing this meditation we are learning how to astral project!


As we proceed with this practice and get better at it our awareness can be projected anywhere we desire outside of our body but this awareness remains an awareness created out of spiritual energies and unable to completely comprehend the lower levels. It can only perceive those things that it resonates with. As each energy center or chakra becomes purified and more resonant, our projected awareness gains in its ability to discern the full spectrum of energies available to it.

The watcher or observer self needs to be clarified a little bit more. This is that part of us that watches during our dreams. It remains neutral and is not active. It is the rudimentary soul in which awareness resides after the death of the physical body if it has been developed ahead of time. This has been the goal of religions and spiritual traditions throughout the ages, the continuation of personal awareness after the death of the physical body.


The watcher or observer self is an evolutionary quantum leap in awareness that is fairly recent. It is largely the result of the invention of reading and writing approximately 4000 years ago. Reading and writing caused the necessity for the evolution of imagination. In order to understand written words  the inner world of the imagination needed to be created.  It is also the true self or ego, the center of individual awareness. The true self or ego is also an evolutionary quantum leap that is fairly recent.


In ancient civilizations true individuals were extremely rare. Human life evolved around a collective group soul, group mind or hive mind much like many insects today. Only selected leaders had enough individuality to stand out from the collective and think or behave in original ways. New heroes and leaders brought the needed evolutionary changes to a sleeping humanity.


In today’s world, during Gaia’s ascension, nearly half of the human population is trying to individuate or become true individuals while the other half is struggling to maintain the collective hive mind or group soul. Unfortunately things have gotten very confused. Perhaps the greatest force for confusion and misunderstanding has been Christianity.


Christianity in its earliest form recognized the importance of the rudimentary soul and promised eternal life. It promised a nonphysical body which personal awareness could reside within upon the death of the physical body. It promised the watcher or observer self! In doing this it was entirely correct and carried forward the time honored tradition of other religions. But somewhere  the goal of the individual soul became lost and confused within the collective body of the church itself. The importance of becoming an individual with an individual soul was replaced with a collective backsliding hive mentality. Instead of stressing the importance of the self or individual ego, the denial of self, the denial of ego replaced it.


This was further confused by the denial of the human body and human sexuality. Instead of using the human body and human sexuality to develop the individual soul and its powers, the human body and human sexuality began to be seen as sinful and unclean. The energetic force required to rupture the astral planes was stifled and repressed as those in power sought to keep the population  docile and un-empowered.


The truth of Divine Counterparts and the creative power of their relationship was a tightly held secret.   The sacred soul connection of these relationships was deliberately obscured and replaced with mundane physical sexuality.