The Social Stigma of Genius

by Joe Bandel

I recently had an interesting insight into my own self defeating behaviors and those of our society. All my life I have been smart; I joined Mensa for the first time in 1988, left almost immediately and then rejoined in 2002 only to repeat the cycle and drop out again until yesterday when I renewed my membership for the third time in over 28 years. You see, I have been taught to be ashamed of being a genius! Even now I think about wording it differently, ashamed of my intelligence, ashamed of having a genius IQ. Part of me wants to word it more politely, to be more politically correct and not hurt anyone’s feelings or offend them. It’s just like because I’m tall (6’4″) I stoop self consciously so I don’t stand out so much. What’s that all about anyway?

There is a hierarchy to our society. Certain people are held in higher regard than others. They have a higher social status and are treated differently and with more respect than others. Some examples of those at the top are: Doctors, scientists, athletes, authors and members of the clergy. Perhaps we can even say politicians! Most of us remain stuck at the social level we were born into. Except for the rare ones who excel  on their own like singers, artists and athletes, the only escape is through the education system.

The rest of us struggle tooth and nail for every bit of self regard we can find. You want to be a writer so you take a course on writing. The teacher is very helpful at lifting your skills to a certain point, but when you begin to go beyond the abilities of your teacher that same teacher tries putting you back in your place, below their own status. They are the teacher, you are the student. You can see this played out over and over again in all areas of life. It is a fact of nature!

But when you show up with a Mensa bumper sticker on your car, or take your Mensa water jug to work where others can see it things change radically. You think of yourself differently. People treat you differently because they don’t know how to relate to you any more. That is because genius is at the absolute top of the social pyramid! Now they place themselves beneath you and that is the stupid part. To score at the top 2% of the general population means that one in every fifty people is probably a genius and able to get into Mensa. (notice how I said that instead of saying, “can probably score high enough to get into Mensa”) But they won’t do it; they won’t even try because they don’t believe in themselves strongly enough. They lack the healthy self esteem to even attempt taking the test. The saddest thing is that joining Mensa is perhaps the single most empowering thing a person can do for themselves in our society and for their own self esteem.

The Wrath of God

I’ve been pretty quiet this past few weeks trying to get a handle on the energies we are dealing with right now and the astral activity, including what is happening on the etheric plane. We just had a major full moon, the first major full moon of the new year and the new energies. The sense that I have is that the Wrath of God has been called forth and things are going to get very violent very rapidly.

But this violence is going to have a very interesting quality. The Wrath of God is going to steamroller all opposing energies and peoples as if they were nothing. From this coming time period up to the March equinox if you feel you are being steamrollered my advice is to take shelter and get out of the fray!

You are going to see things being forced through brute strength. The kid gloves are coming off and people are going to get hurt. Step back and think about this for a minute. What is going to physically manifest has already happened in the astral planes. The battle in the astral planes is now over and this physical eruption is simply the remaining release of long held tensions. Physical manifestation is now governed by different natural laws and processes. The blockage of old eon energetics is complete! Let me say that again, but louder this time: THE BLOCKAGE OF OLD EON ENERGETICS IS COMPLETE!

There is not a snowball’s chance in hell of favorable outcomes for those that now defy Gaia’s new eon energetics and new energy grid. They are going to be pushed to the side as if they didn’t exist. Keep love in your hearts and do not enter into anger or dramatics or negative spirals. The Wrath of God is an icy and cold anger that is not touched in any way by emotional considerations. It is not personal.

Those that willingly choose to set themselves against what God has decreed will pay the price of their choice. Please be sensitive and open to changing conditions and use prayer and meditation to remain in your highest place.

New Moon Message

By now the frenzied energetics are settling into their new places. Here in the United States there is a rising optimism as large segments of a forgotten population begin to hope for the first time. Globalism is over! Individual power sent out to external authorities is now finally returning back to the individuals. Let’s take a look at what has happened energetically during these past months. The politically correct “idea” no longer impels obedience from the populace. The way this seems to be working out is quite strange and radical at the same time.


The news media and neurotic alt-left Democrats seem to have chosen a path of permanent obstructionism. What these people don’t see is how they are being played for fools! Main Street News media is filled with outraged reports over nonpolitically correct things our new president has said while totally ignoring the massive consequences of his actions during his first week in office. I am reminded of a magic show where the magician turns the attention of the audience away from the real trick with sleight-of-hand techniques.


For several years I worked as a family crisis counselor. I soon learned for the sake of my own sanity to not listen to what people say, but to focus instead upon what they were actually doing! It is the nature of the mind and philosophical speculations  for people to invent fictions and excuses to justify themselves in their own minds. This inner mental dialogue often becomes strong enough to replace physical reality itself! That’s where society is right now! But it remains a mind trip! It has no relation to physical reality!


Our society has become so decadent that those at the top of the social ladder no longer relate to the physical world of experience the less privileged have to endure. They like the status quo because it works for them, works quite well  Indeed! But the status quo is now crumbling like a cement wall whose mortar is crumbling. During the past seven days legal events have taken place that will have large repercussions upon the future of our society. These events have gone largely unnoticed and underreported by the Main Street News media. But the consequences of those actions remain whether they have been reported upon or not. This is the full extent of the illusion cast by the Main Street  Media itself. It refuses to see what is actually happening, preferring instead to emotionally agitate its readers. The problem with this is that factions of our society have become so decadent that all they are capable of is a large temper tantrum! A tempest in a teapot, full of sound and  fury, yet  signifying nothing!


In the meantime genuine men and women of action and realistic, grounded priorities are collectively working together in harmony to make this world a far better place. There is nothing theoretical about them and often they don’t say much. But their actions speak loudly!


Between now and the spring equinox in March we will see an unprecedented populist movement that literally shrugs away any head tripping opposition that stands in its way. There will be screaming, shouting and wringing of hands, but to no avail. Globalism is dead!  The individualist reigns supreme! This means a resurgence of nationalism, states rights, local government and the empowerment of local communities in an unprecedented way. Individuals will be empowered in ways that have never even been considered before except in those days at the birth of our nation. we are now rediscovering the dream of our founding fathers! New opportunities will open up to everyone, but not everyone will be open to the opportunities. Success will be in direct proportion to the personal effort extended. Those that don’t try will not gain. Those that try with all their heart, mind and soul will reap uncounted rewards! These rewards will come from sustained creative effort and will never come from destructive, oppositional and defiant political views not based upon physical reality. “The last will be first, and the first will become the last!” Pres. Trump is not really in conflict with these oppositional forces, but instead chooses to ignore them and send them on false goose chases.

A lot has been happening since my last post. A lot of energy dynamics have been changing and our world is getting ready for imminent change as well! It should come as no surprise that much of this change will be triggered by the Trump presidency. In less than one week Donald Trump will assume the mantle of the United States and the egregore of power that goes along with his position. Magically speaking, many things are not allowed to happen until Donald Trump takes the oath of office and becomes the president of the United States.


Energetically the world’s population has divided into three groups. The first group are those individual souls that have truly ascended along with Gaia at this time. They can be characterized as truly balanced individuals who have integrated their male/female aspects as well as their higher or spiritual nature with their shadow nature. They have personally and individually confronted and overcome their own self-destructive natures and are now allowed to take their true places as the leaders of a new humanity! Personally and individually each one of these individuals has the power and ability to creatively rewrite their life experience as they choose. As ascended human beings they exist as living bridges between the highest spiritual realms and  the lowest realms of physical organic reality. This is truly their celebration as well as Gaia’s celebration! The way forward for each of these beings is one of creative freedom and exploration of opportunity. These people are in the process of becoming gods and goddesses who will walk in peace and harmony among humankind. Technically they are no longer truly human.


The ascension and graduation of these beings and individuals has created an entirely new energy dynamic within the astral planes as well as the energetic supporting structure of Gaia herself. This ascension and graduation has energetically completed itself and is in the process of stabilization. Gaia and all living things upon her now support and celebrate a new vision for the future. This part of the process has completed! The energetic remnants unable to integrate are in the process of collapsing in order to find a new level of stability.


The rest of humanity will now  coalesce  around one of two very different energetic poles. The first energetic pole is that of spirituality, religion, logic and reason and the denial of the baser things in life. This is similar to the energetic pattern of the old eon except that it does indeed renounce manifest physical reality and sexuality in unforgiving terms. There is little or zero-tolerance for those who profess a more individualistic lifestyle. For these people the group soul of humanity will become God! The individual will gradually have no rights of consequence. This group represents the collective or hive mind of humanity going into the future. The energies which empower it are those of logic and reason, spiritual unity and universal love. This is the very ideological stance that is being taken by the extreme left, but it will in time draw extremists from the right as well. It is not about integration or compromise in any way and instead proclaims proudly its own particular truth as the only truth and the only way forward!


The remainder of humanity will collapse into the dung heap of a chaotic and self-destructing social order that has outlived its time. These beings will focus and center around the very issues of biological survival itself. They will be openly confronted by their own self-destructive actions and beliefs and be forced to deal with them. This is a painful process! But this is the same exact process that those who have just ascended along with Gaia have gone through themselves over these last few years. Depending upon personal ability and effort these individuals will rise up according to the true level of their soul development to celebrate their own personal and individual ascension at the death of their physical bodies. They will learn to integrate the male/female aspects of their soul as well as integrate their higher self and their shadow aspects. They will be forced to do this in order to survive. They are to be confronted by an ordeal of the soul, but will be made stronger because of it.


In summary, those that have ascended along with Gaia are now taking their places in positions of empowerment around the world. They have the solutions that humanity needs in these hours of crisis and they have the support of the universe itself! They are divinely protected as they do what needs to be done!


Then there are those that reject this newly ordained divine order of events. Intellectual pride and  belief in their own superiority are causing these otherwise enlightened beings to become the new “fallen Angels” as history once more enters a new cycle of creation! They will be continuously confronted with their own self-defeating behaviors until they learn to control them.


The remnant are those “deplorable’s” that are going to find out just what it means to be human, truly human in all aspects of the term. These individuals will learn to love organic physical reality in all possible variations as they  gradually learn how to develop their own souls during this new great cycle. Most of these individuals are first-timers to physical reality and the rebirth process.


History repeats itself and even the greatest cycles repeat themselves in one variation or another. We are currently living a brand-new creation myth of a brand-new “Garden of Eden” complete with a brand-new group of “fallen Angels”!  It will be interesting to see how this variation of the story unfolds!

2017 is finally here! With it comes the intense feelings  of new beginnings and the excitement of finally moving ahead on projects that have been waiting far too long. In my own life I have experienced this as an inner conflict between two choices that were presenting themselves. The first choice was to share the things that I have learned over the years involving Tantric practice, the development of the soul, and its powers. Specifically this was about Divine Counterparts and the energetic patterns that now form Gaia’s energy grid.


The second choice was much less flamboyant and involved a resumption of my book writing and translation activities. I was deeply divided and conflicted between these two paths and couldn’t discern which one was meant for me. It was actually New Year’s morning in the middle of the night when the clouds parted and I was able to see which path my heart wanted me to follow.

it was New Year’s  morning when a vision clarified my true path forward. During the past several weeks I had been investigating  Tantric practices on the Internet and became increasingly dismayed by the focus on physical sexuality as opposed to the catalytic effect of male and female energies and how they create the nonphysical soul and develop its powers. Over the past 25 years I have personally developed various astral bodies from the first of which was simply a round spark or sphere of light with the ability to travel the cosmos, down to the final   nonphysical body which functions at the lowest possible astral level with complete physical sensitivity.


My experiences were not theoretical, they did not involve ritual or specialized practices in any way. But they did propel me forward as one nonphysical body after another was generated and given birth through the Tantric practices of using sexual orgasm energy. I thought that perhaps it was important for me to share my own understanding of these things with others interested in following a similar path. But my vision of New Year’s Day clearly showed that I had already shared more than enough for those that wanted to follow a similar path.


It was also shown to me that there were not enough people capable of understanding the spiritual and nonphysical aspects of what I wanted to share. Almost all available subject material involving Tantric practices focused on physical sexuality and not spiritual sexuality. It is my understanding and experience that the human soul is created by the physical body and originally an extrusion of it. Physical sexuality and the generation of sexual energies is a requirement of soul development, but not the goal of soul development.


I also realized that the information that I have given already in various forms is more than enough to propel the serious seeker on his or her way.  But even more importantly the entire issue of Tantric practice is based upon working with what I also call hydrogen energies and those energies are no longer in play. The hydrogen energies have already reached their permanent place in Gaia’s ascended energy grid. It’s no longer that important because those capable of working with Tantric energies have already done so. Those capable of Tantric practice  in the sense of soul development as I understand it can continue on their own without any further input from me. Everyone else will take anything that I share in the wrong way and in the wrong context.


Gaia’s new energy grid connects Divine Counterparts together energetically at the hydrogen level whether they desire it or not, whether they believe it or not. It no longer serves a purpose to try connecting Divine Counterparts together at this level because it is completed! This is true whether human awareness is active at those levels or not. The human collective no longer functions as the balance point of male and female energies. It is no longer possible to rule the masses or dominate human beliefs and behavior by manipulation of entire populations! The mass media and political organizations have not yet discovered that the old ways no longer work! The energy dynamics  of physical manifestations are now completely dominated and determined through Divine Counterpart relationships and individual choice.




Christmas Message

The recent week has been extremely powerful and I have been pretty quiet just trying to assimilate what is going on. The week of 18 December was marked by the collapse of old eon energies at the lowest astral level. I sensed and saw those dark energies retreat downward into the core of the earth. And now since the winter solstice the new and the bright energies of the coming year are flooding the astral planes with vitality and excitement. For those of us attuned to the new energies the coming year is about creative activity, not about defense against oppositional forces.


I still find it necessary to share that the active energy at the beginning of any great age is always at the lowest level, not at the higher fifth density and above levels. What I mean by this is that working with mental energies is not where the empowerment truly lies. There is a false belief that working with fifth dimensional or mental energies can create our new world. This is simply not the case and we can see the duality and conflict that lies ahead in what has been termed “false news”! It will become increasingly impossible to know what is truth and what is false. There is literally a war for our minds that is going on! This ideological war is a subversion of what is really going on. This is the beginning of the Kali Yuga and old methods of soul development are no longer appropriate. The active energies of the third eye chakra or the Christ energies are no longer dominant and have been superseded by the foundational energies of life itself and sexual orgasm energy. Those seeking to empower themselves through the energies of the third eye chakra, the spiritual energies, the mental energies or so-called fifth dimensional energies will find that those energies will no longer serve for that purpose.


At the same time helium energies have been activated through the Ascension process. Helium energies are third eye energies, spiritual energies, and mental energies. This means that there is a  conflicting activation of energies where the foundational energies will remain organic and associated with physical manifestation while the third eye energies will result in the aforesaid war for our minds! Because the third eye energies, the helium energies, have no real connection to physical manifestation at this point there is going to be a real mess with a lot of chaos and confusion! There will be conflicting paradigms and versions of reality over the next four years as the helium energies  ascend to their new permanent vibrational level.


Traditionally  Tantric practice brings results when all other methods fail. This is where we now find ourselves! The development of the soul and its powers will respond powerfully to Tantric practices but only minimally to all other spiritual and esoteric traditions. So we can expect a lot of head tripping, debate, and challenges to our preconceived ideas of what reality really is!


At the same time we will see and experience the incredible growth of integrated, pragmatic, and balanced projects as the new energies begin to flow through the Divine Counterpart energy pattern. It’s really very simple! Those that are able to make use of these new balanced energies will surge ahead in ways that will work to create this world a new Garden of Eden. Others unable to integrate these energies will be caught up in argumentative gridlock and philosophical speculations that are no longer grounded in physical reality.


Those who have fully integrated the unity energies of hydrogen and anchored those energies deeply into Gaia’s  core will be the ones able to magically create our new world! Those are the ones who have built the esoteric bridge that spans all levels of creation from the highest to the lowest. They are the ones that have brought divinity into physical form! During the next four years it will become evident who these people are by what they are able to accomplish! Pay attention to those who achieve results because they are doing something and achieving something that needs to be learned to be successful in these new energies! It is time to forget about words, empty promises, ideals, religious dogma and the other head trippy things no longer connected to the physical world. This is the true essence of Tantric practices, that it brings results  immediately!


Another interesting energy dynamic to look for is that of “instant karma”. The generation of positive energy will bring positive results to the individuals who generated that energy. This is the way it should be! The generation of negative and quarrelsome energy will bring conflict and negative results quickly to those who try to use negativity to empower themselves. For the first time we will be able to see in a transparent manner the true motives of individuals by the results which follow them! There will no longer be a need to mentally or ideologically understand various political positions. There will no longer be a need for head tripping! The physical results of behaviors and beliefs will answer for themselves by the results which they bring into physical manifestation.

Before continuing with the subject of tantrism, sexual orgasm energy, Divine Counterparts, and the development of the soul I would like to put closure on the subject of Gaia’s ascension. It’s not really putting closure on it. But I will try to explain what the next four years will be like as the helium energies become increasingly activated at their new ascended vibratory rate. This post will be quite brief as there is not much to say about this incoming energy of Christ consciousness.


You will be able to tell what is true and real because common sense will come back into this world! There will be paradox resolution and self evident truth that will be so plain and simple that there can be no denying it or arguing with it. This energy will have a calming and unifying effect as win-win situations are created for the first time.


In contrast, the energies of the old eon will seem more violent and chaotic and desperate than ever! People that are unable to integrate the new energies will experience convoluted thinking, fear, and the physical results of their own self-destructive impulses. We are already seeing this mental and emotional instability in the bizarre reactions of certain people towards the results of the presidential election.


I would like to share just a few thoughts about the extreme right and the extreme left in closing.Both extremes are unable to integrate their shadow aspects and balance themselves completely with male and female energies. At this period of time those of the extreme left find themselves exposed and vulnerable. They will gradually adapt to the new energetics and learn to prosper within   these new energies. The extreme right remains hidden and has not yet needed to confront the balanced energies of this   new reality. The extreme right has not yet discovered its own incompatibility with the new energies. But they will. There is no room in this new world for hatred and bigotry of any kind!


The new energetic pattern of Divine Counterparts is balanced in all ways and remains a path of love and unity. It remains a true path of the heart.