Because of the nature of Divine Counterpart couples and the part they play in balancing the energies of this new great cycle I am going to share some things from my personal experience.

My Divine Counterpart lives across the world from me in South Africa. No, she is not a known new ager or celebrity. Although our souls meet on virtually all levels of the astral and etheric planes I have never met her in the physical. Our two year relationship has resulted in tremendous healing of emotional wounds and traumas that we both have suffered in our lives. This non-physical relationship has forced both of us to confront our misconceptions, prejudices and hostilities about the opposite sex. It is so true that males and females are true opposites and we each process information differently. But often we arrive at similar conclusions and that is what makes our relationship so magical.

We can each take the same information, use entirely different processes and arrive at similar values and conclusions about what should or needs to be done! We have learned that being different is not something one needs to be afraid of. We have learned that neither one of us wants to harm the other and have learned to trust each other with our own hearts. We have learned that opposites are made for each other!

But what defines the Divine Counterpart relationship is the powerful soul connection and the shared energies between us. This connection is so powerful and sensitive that I can tell when she is emotionally upset and she can tell when I am emotionally upset during the day. The energetic connection between us is so real and powerful that it is tangible to both of us and being across the world from each other is not an issue because our souls inhabit both of our bodies and we are constantly with each other at some level. We are literally in constant contact with each other.

This type of Divine Counterpart relationship is the new pattern for all relationships during this new cycle and all life forms will have access to the energy patterns so they can find their own true Divine Counterparts. This bonding of Divine Counterpart couples has the effect of dismantling the collective energies of human society. Like is now energetically seeking like on many levels of existence and the muddied quagmire of collective energies no longer has influence like it once did.

There is now a layering effect as souls of similar vibration find each other and group together in love and harmony. Politically this is seen as a return to nationalism and individualism. It is also seen as a rebellion against the establishment and globalization in particular. This is the energy of rebellion and the demand for freedom that is propelling political events in Europe and here in America.

The Divine Counterpart pattern is forcing non harmonious energies out of the way! It is forcing collective energies out of the way! The old eon was based upon manipulation of the masses, manipulation of the collective. This is no longer energetically  possible as many politicians are beginning to discover.

There is a new balanced energy filling our world. It is the balanced sexual energy of male and female Divine Counterparts and leads the way to love, prosperity and abundance in all things!

It is time to talk about some very difficult subjects. I don’t really know the best way to begin so I will simply say that there is always prosperity and abundance at the beginning of a great cycle and there is always scarcity and poverty at the end of a great cycle because the energies are no longer balanced. Traditionally a Divine Counterpart couple comes and balances the energies before the new cycle can truly begin. This time there are many Divine Counterpart couples that have come to create energies that will remain balanced through this entire coming cycle!


How do the energies become unbalanced as an age progresses? Every two thousand years a new and higher energy and chakra is activated. In the past old lower level energies were demonized and viciously suppressed to make way for the new and higher energies. From this point on the lower energies will be integrated and not lost as in previous ages.


The last two thousand years were dominated by Christianity and the third eye chakra. This was the highest energy possible except that of unity itself. It was the energy of self evident truth and archetypal reality. Two thousand years before that were the energies of logic and reason which still hold dominant  positions within the so called sciences.


But now the active energies have dropped back to the bottom once more and Divine Counterparts need to come in and balance things again, particularly male and female energies. You see, money, wealth and prosperity are manifestations of sexual orgasm energy. This is the lowest and most powerful type of energy that exists and it is worked most powerfully by Divine Counterpart couples. This is one of the secrets of tantric soul development. The sexual energies between Divine Counterpart couples are immense and out power any  conflicting collective energies quite easily.

The connection between wealth, abundance, and prosperity has long been associated with the fertility cults of ages past. There can be no question about abundance, wealth and  prosperity being manifestations of sexual orgasm energy. In a negative context the association between money and prostitution is almost as old as time itself. But so is the sacred feminine, the non physical aspect of feminine sexuality.

It is no surprise that our global society based upon money, greed and scarcity is also based upon the negation and vilification of healthy sexual relationships that develop the soul and its powers. Sexuality and sexual orgasm energy have been vilified and twisted until they have become just as scarce as money and wealth and prosperity for the average person. Since money is originally manifested from sexual orgasm energy it must be related to the relationships between males and females in general. To sustain a monetary system energetically based upon scarcity the production of sexual orgasm energy must be repressed as well. This goes a long way to explain how we have collectively arrived at where we now find ourselves.


To reverse the monetary cycle of scarcity we must release healthy normal human sexuality, especially between Divine Counterparts and fill the entire world with an abundance of this life giving and prosperity giving balanced energy! This is what is now in the process of happening around the earth! Males and females are learning to have healthy sexual and spiritual relationships with each other for the first time in ages. They are following a new pattern of relationship behaviors modelled by Divine Counterpart couples around the world.  This is what is going to transform our planet into the new Garden of Eden!

Healthy sexual and loving relationships between Divine Counterparts and Soulmates bring personal empowerment and develop the soul. This is due to the spiritual and non physical aspects of the relationship just as much and the purely physical aspects of the relationship. This creates a sacred relationship between a man and a woman. It creates a soul relationship and that is what is needed.

Promiscuous sexual relationships or purely sexual relationships damage the soul and darken our world because they mix and mingle energies that are not spiritually compatible with each other. Of course one can also add the twisted and perverted relationships that have made our world a world of sexual crimes. The evils in our world have been created by the lack of spiritual and sexual loving relationships within our world. Males and females have been taught to hate and fear each other because they are different. This has been twisted to the point that any one holding a different opinion is considered suspect and a possible enemy. The original root of this conflict lies in the fact that males and females experience the world very differently and even think very differently. That doesn’t make either one right or wrong. But in the course of the many ages within a great cycle these differences have grown into the concept of good and evil, of God and the Devil. Christianity has long considered femininity and sexuality as under Satanic influence.

This entire subject is so complex that it will take several posts to even organize the material. I ask everyone to be patient with me as I jump around from topic to topic. Be assured that there is an over lying focus and purpose to my message.


bright blessings,


Talk about multidimensionality! My awareness is currently split at least four ways! There is the awareness of my actual physical body, my observer self or point of awareness that watches everything, the self I visualize sitting in the chair when I close my eyes, and the astral or nonphysical me that projects from the visualized me that is sitting in the chair!

The visualized me sitting in the chair is created from the same substance as the newly created world it exists in. The me that projects is also created from the same substance but projected out side of it. This projected awareness can also project within that created world which I perceive as the new Akashic record for this new cycle. It is created from the combined energies of my Divine Counterpart and myself.

In this I understand that each individual set of Divine Counterparts creates their own universe, their own Akashic record which contains the essence of all other souls as a collective reality. In this way others can influence my reality and I can influence theirs. But our personal realities or timelines remain distinct.

Currently all life forms are moving within their personal Akashic records and struggling against the influences of collective forces. This is not actually a battle, but a struggle of the individual for dominance against collective energies within their personally created worlds. It is a matter of energetics and those with the greatest amounts of personal energy will rise to the top. Collective energetics no longer apply within this new reality.

I have been blessed to be associated one way or another with Gaia’s ascension all of my life. I remember as a child of twelve how I had a recurring dream of me in a vehicle like a train that was pushing against a mountain on the earth and trying to move it. There was a horrible sense of one unstoppable force meeting another unstoppable force and nothing happened or moved. I had this nightmare like dream four or five times until the earth finally did move. Fifty years later I think about that dream and realize I came here in this lifetime to channel energy and assist Gaia in her ascension.

In ways I am very fortunate to have seen Gaia’s ascension as it happened on various levels. I can think of at least three other very significant times when I was given visions of Gaia’s new timeline snapping into place. Back in 1990 I saw a vision of this entire coming age and the new akashic records being formed. Since then I have followed this timeline down level after level and fought for it against incredible resistance.

About five years ago I had a vision of it snapping into place and I saw how our space brothers and sisters added their own power to it and how the plants and animals added their power to it. I also saw the part I played and my part was sealed with a sigil of some kind. I only knew that the sigil belonged to me and I had used it before in other life times.  It was the sigil of my house and my Order.

About a year and a half ago I saw the foundational energies of Gaia’s new energy grid snap into place for the first time. Since then things have been going faster and faster as the astral activity has moved lower and lower and closer and closer to physical manifestation.

The point that I’m making is that things “snapped” into place and this final encore is “snapping” into place as well. These past two days I have sensed the crossing over into a totally different energetic space and it is one that is drawing me in as if by gravity. We have crossed an event horizon and we are now being pulled in to our new destination! Physical events will continue to accelerate as things “snap” into place.

In my own visions and dreams I am no longer part of the old energetic system. I exist completely in new space and it is becoming highly populated with others and other life forms. Divine Counterparts are joining and adding their own energies in support of the new pattern of balanced male and female energies. Things are now officially in God/dess’s hands. The things now happening are way beyond the influence of any one person. They have already happened at the higher levels and the outcome is already known.

For a few minutes forget about this physical world. Think about your soul and what will happen at the death of your physical body. That is what ascension is all about, that is what is important. This has all been about the accelerated development of the soul while in a mortal body using the energies of the mortal body for that purpose.  So look to your own life and consider how your soul has grown these past years and how it has become more integrated and wholesome, how it has become more balanced.

Now consider the lunacy of the thought that ascension means the physical mortal bodies we currently inhabit will live forever. In reality we might continue to incarnate or we might not, that is our individual choice. But we have been developing our souls and it has been an inner ascension, not a physical one. The prize we have won is that our souls and our awareness will continue to exist at many levels of the astral and etheric planes after the death of our physical bodies. And that my friends is the greatest gift of all!


As Gaia moves forward into an age dominated by Divine Counterpart relationships it now becomes more important than ever to understand human differences and learn to love and accept them.

To understand the deep nature of what is now happening we need to go back to the very creation of our universe. Spiritual light tried to enter into a new universe where it didn’t exist before. It tried pushing its way in little by little in exploratory stages. In this we see that Spiritual light is expansive and intrusive in nature in comparision to the energy of the universe that it was trying to enter.

The new energetic space or universe resisted the invasive Spiritual light energy and pushed back in an equal and opposite reaction as all energy does. So this new energy space was defensive and energetically passive in relation to the Spiritual light energy.

This is the very core of life experience itself and the foundational basis of Divine Counterparts. This invasive Spiritual energy is the foundational basis of male energy and is energetically expansive and intrusive while the other energy resists this intrusive energy as strongly as it can for as long as it can. This is the foundational basis of female energy.

Little by little the invasive Spiritual light energy gained control of varioius levels of this new universe or space until it reached a point beyond which it could not go. This resulted in the creation of the astral planes which are of magnetic north polarity and represent the Spiritual and Astral planes that surround Gaia.  As level by level of this new universe or space was conquered these levels became occupied by light beings. These light beings didn’t recognize the living life force energy and the intelligence of any life forms outside of themselves. They believed they were entering an unoccupied space, an empty universe.

But when these light beings tried to force their way further into this universe the living energy of this universe itself pulled them in and enmeshed them in the lower and denser levels. As these beings became trapped and enmeshed in lower energies the physical world was made manifest with all of its marvelous life forms. New species were created with their own types of awareness and life force.

For the first time we now see this energetic process in action. The expansive and intrusive male energy forced its way into this living universe and  impregnated it. The mixing of both energies created the physical realms. Gaia represents this female energy at its highest level as creator of all life forms. Male energy combines with female energy to form a third type of creation that is an octave beyond both.

Divine Counterparts are the corresponding opposites of both sides of this creation. One Divine Counterpart will have its origin as an expansive light being or energy being and the other will have its origin as a passive, accepting and creative being. Each Divine Counterpart will experience the other as “not Self” and alien, but will remain highly attracted to it because true opposites attract. Fundamentally Divine Counterparts are alien to each other and not recognized at first. They are seen as enemies.

It is no longer true to say that males are energetically active and expansive and that females are passive and creative because evolutionary forces have long since created males and females of both sides. But one thing remains true about Divine Counterpart relationships. One will provide the driving and active force and the other will embrace that driving and active force, mix it with its own and create a third type of substance or energy and create with it. One Divne Counterpart energetically drives the relationship and the other shapes it and gives it form or creation.

In Freemasonry we see a perfect example of a male dominated group that is female in its orientation. Freemasonry passively embraces “the force of the masses” symbolized by the hammer and directs it creatively in a third direction as symbolized by the chisel or guiding force. The human collective or the masses are seen as masculine in nature and those in positions of power or the leaders are seen as feminine in nature. This is the old way and it has been abused. I use this example to show that I am not being sexist, but speaking of energy dynamics that all humans share in one way or another.

The power of the people or masses and their being directed by the leaders is no longer supported in this new age. This dawning age of Divine Counterparts demands male and female energies to be equally balanced in all ways. This is the age of Self Responsibility. This is the age when males and females must learn to balance the male and female energies within their own souls. They learn to do this through the dynamics of love relationships.

In the New Age Light Worker community we can see alien species such as the Orions or reptilians as female oriented species focused at 4th density and those of higher density as male oriented species. A Divine Counterpart relationship draws one partner from one side and one from the other in a classic Romeo and Juliet scenario. They are not enemies, but the missing halves of each other. We can take this even further and say that our true opposite lies energetically in the opposite camp from the one we identify with. This is the challenge of the Divine Counterpart relationship, how to love and embrace that which we are not.

Independence Day

In my posts I’ve tried to give a balanced view of what I’ve perceived or had visions about on the lower planes in regards to Gaia’s ascension. Concurrent with that I’ve also been gaining insights and understandings about Gaia’s new energy grid and how things now work. As far as I know, not very many people are talking about this because they don’t have access to the material. It can not be channeled from disembodied beings.

Great Britain’s historic vote on Thursday is certainly the first domino to fall in a complex series of events now to unfold and unfold quickly. But the underlying dynamics need to be clarified and brought out into the open so people can benefit from the coming changes.

The first thing to get across is that humanity is taking an evolutionary quantum leap from a collective based society to a Divine Counterpart based society. The process of soul development and individualization is a quantum leap from the collective group mind or hive mind. This evolutionary process has been going on for centuries but has now reached the point where it is dominant. This means that the sense of “self” and “ego” are very important because they hold personal awareness together after the death of the physical body. So we are coming into a time when “self” and “ego” is very important on the spiritual and nonphysical planes.

“Self” and “ego” are created through love relationships with the opposite sex. The strongest sense of “self” and “ego” are created through Divine Counterpart relationships although chakra soulmate relationships and simple resonant relationships also work to create a sense of “self” and “ego”. Make no mistake about this. Mental and emotional illness is largely the consequence of a weak sense of “self” or lack of “ego” strength and lack of love in a person’s life.

So we are energetically shifting from a “collective” or “hive” mentality to a “love” mentality in which the true power of love in relationships is finally understood. When a person experiences love something grows inside them, their soul grows and they become more than what they were. We are beginning to understand the importance of a true balance of male and female energies within our lives.

Again don’t get this wrong. I will try to say it very clearly and plainly. Energy drives all physical manifestation. The energy available from personal love relationships is many times stronger than any “collective” energy will ever be! This is something new in our world and it is just beginning to manifest as individuals begin to energetically  connect with their Divine Counterparts. This is a part of becoming the “highest” and “best” that each one of us can become as individuals.

This energetic Divine Counterpart dynamic is so revolutionary that absolutely nothing of the old wisdom can remain intact, but everything must be put in new terms and concepts meaningful for today’s world.

What we see in Thursday’s historic vote is the first glimpses of a new “individualism”, an individualism of the soul.

The June solstice and the full moon mark the culmination of the third ascension wave which some of us have already experienced. I had several visions as well as dreams in which various intentions and energies clashed and neutralized each other to form a non polarized environment. Yes, the resistance fought to the very bitter end.

And now it seems that we are all on the same page at last! We might not be where we want to be, and obviously some of us have worked with the ascension energies more than others. But as we look around us in the present moment, it is good to give thanks for having arrived at our destination alive and relatively unharmed.

I just completed a meditation in which I connected to Source and tried to harmonize all of my astral bodies and integrate them into one astral body that is stable and permanent. Everything went perfectly and I worked with healing energies for my body as well. All the levels were integrated and in resonance.

But here’s the thing, my normal orientation is to the light and the astral planes have been my area of specialization. There is another level that I have just begun to explore and Robert Bruce in his book “Astral Dynamics” calls this level “The Real Time Zone”. It is that level where one can project out of body, stand at the foot of the bed and observe their own physical body. According to Bruce this level is not one of the astral planes, but beneath it and the nearest level to physical manifestation. I have always wanted to develop this skill but have never been able to until now.

When one thinks of astral projection, this is the level most people think of, flying through the air, sitting on rooftops, floating through walls and such. This level duplicates physical reality in many ways and in real time. And this is the true non-physical world of form and substance. I have come to think of the astral planes as energetic levels with a north pole magnetic orientation that separates all types of energies into their original frequencies to keep them pure and untainted. In past blogs and writings I have called these levels the “Spiritual Planes” that are activated and manipulated during the week before and after the new moon.

Likewise I have come to think of the “Real Time Zone” level as the manifesting level that impels things into physical manifestation. Instead of many layers this seems to be one huge integrated mass of combined energies with a south pole magnetic orientation. This level is activated during the week before and after the full moon.

There is no doubt about it. Some people are oriented toward the astral planes in their out of body and dream experiences and others are oriented toward “The Real Time Zone” and have “normal” highly detailed astral projections. I read various channeled messages on the internet and find that many are picking up some of the same things I am picking up while others come from a totally different perspective. But by and large, there is not much information coming from “The Real Time Zone”. Most of it is coming from the astral  planes and may or may not ever manifest in physical reality.

Now there is a non-physical substance that links all things together and it combines energies of both. It is called the Akashic Records. For something to manifest within the Akashic Records it must first exist in both the “Spiritual Planes” and the “Real Time Zone” or Magical Planes. It must be balanced perfectly in male and female energies. This is the true secret of manifestation, this balance of opposite energies to form a third that is stable and greater than either by themselves.

So as this third ascension wave completes I find myself beginning my explorations of “The Real Time Zone” and the manipulation of its energies for the purpose of physical manifestation. Others will be experiencing this as well. But there is another group of people that will likewise be exploring the Spiritual Planes or the astral planes for the first time and begin the process of developing their non-physical bodies one at a time. At they do this they will begin magically creating as well. What seems to be happening with this third ascension wave is an polarity reversal at the soul level of the individual. No matter which group you belong to, another world is opening up before you for the first time. Each has its own challenges and delights.

In summary, now that everyone is on the same page, true movement and manifestation can begin. A new hierarchy will emerge as new leaders show others the way to self empowerment in these new energy dynamics. It will become very obvious which persons have ability and which don’t. Those not aligned to the new energies will simply be brushed aside.


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