Our New Sand Box

It has taken me several days to get my head around the profound changes that have taken place within the astral planes. I didn’t want to post anything until I had something to say that made sense. Today things finally became clear enough to share a little.

Everything is changed! There is no more old!

The new sandbox in which we are playing is created by Divine Counterpart energy and our divine counterparts are allowed to play in the same sandbox as we are! In the old eon divine counterparts were kept in totally different sandboxes from each other. They could never meet except in brief spiritual encounters. Instead we united with “chakra soulmates” if we were lucky.

This has all changed because now divine counterparts can be together if they can find their way to each other. They can find each other because their energy will lead them to each other if they allow it to. In all cases they are energetically “linked” to each other even if they have the “entire world” between them. They simply need to follow that thread or link to its conclusion.

The old sandbox was driven by “lowest common denominator” spiritual light energy. It was a “collective” spiritual energy that was common to all people. It was also a very low spiritual energy compared to what now drives this new sandbox!

There is much to share and much to rethink. In this new sandbox communion with God is highly personal because it is communion with the “higher” aspect of your divine counterpart and your higher aspect serves the same purpose for them. We as divine counterparts have literally become God/dess to each other. This spiritual energy is the highest that we are capable of, not the lowest common spiritual energy! As such it challenges us in the greatest way possible and offers the greatest delights possible.

And each one of us has their own individual God/dess to find and become one with.

It is the unlimited power of the energy between two divine counterparts that creates individual timelines. Each couple creates their own timeline and their own reality which is then woven into a “common” reality that we all experience together. The task is for each divine counterpart to rejoin with each other. This is not easy as they might be on opposite sides of the world. So each must thread their own path toward each other through this complex “collective” reality we all experience.

Multi-dimensional abilities assist us in doing this. Often contact can be made with our divine counterparts in the astral planes, through dreams or spiritual experiences. These encounters vitalize us and give us the energy to continue onward.

Because timelines are now powered exclusively by divine counterpart energies collective energies no longer have any power to affect change in our world unless they are in perfect resonance at the highest level. Mob energy is no longer effective. Lowest common denominator energy is no longer effective.

Our new sandbox is powered by love, the divine love of divine counterparts. This love is not spiritual love, heart love or sexual love. It is all of these and more and it fills the entire spectrum of existence.

First we need to find this love in ourselves, then we need to find it in others and only then can we find it in our divine counterparts once we know what we are looking for!

The good news is that the energies themselves will assist us in finding our way along this new and winding path. Can you sense the spring energy? Can you feel the joy that is in the air? This love will not come to us. We must go out and find it! This is a creative energy and not a passive energy. The more one creates, the faster they will achieve their goal.


bright blessings,



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These past few months of working with divine counterpart energy has shone some light on some very interesting areas that have not been addressed before. Specifically the nature of the divine counterpart energy dynamic itself. Each person has a divine counterpart and each person is a divine counterpart to someone else.

I was rather shocked to realize that twenty five years ago when I crossed the great abyss and entered the godhead, what I really did was connect with the higher aspect of my divine counterpart! It was at that time that my future timeline was created, the timeline that led through this coming new great cycle. This time line was created through the creation of highest level mixed divine counterpart energies. The bottom line is that our experience of God and many mystical experiences are simply high level contacts with our own divine counterparts! To each one of us God is our divine counterpart at the highest levels! In like manner we are God to our divine counterparts at our highest levels.

This has taken some time for me to wrap my head around but it is inescapable. Each one of us has an individual God and it is our own divine counterpart at the highest levels. This is also why each one of us has a very personal and intense relationship with God.

We are linked to our divine counterparts through the original “orgasm” energy. This original “orgasm” energy has some very interesting features. It makes contact with our divine counterparts very intense, pleasurable and spiritual. But there is much more! This original “orgasm” energy manifests as “mystical” illuminations of spiritual energies, intense love felt within the heart, and of course sexual orgasm energy itself. Each one of these energies is the same “orgasm” energy experienced in a different way at a different level.

The common factor is the inability to “remember” this energy! It is not possible to “remember” how an orgasm feels, how a mystical illumination feels or how intense love feels. We experience this energy and then it is gone as if it never existed!

We seek for a permanent bond or link, a secure feeling or emotion that lasts, one that we can be certain of. But these lasting permanent bonds, links, secure feelings or emotions are simply karmic connections that have nothing at all to do with divine counterpart energy dynamics!

In fact, a “veil of forgetfulness” covers all things relating to our relationships with our divine counterparts. The contacts and sharing is intense, pleasurable and fulfilling to the soul, but is gone two minutes later as if it never happened or existed.

This has a very profound positive impact in that one will never get tired of their divine counterpart because each connection and energetic exchange remains as new and fresh as an orgasm or mystical experience. It is a relationship that is constantly renewed at all levels of existence.

There is also a profound negative impact in that because of the “veil of forgetfulness” that lies over this relationship it is very easy to simply “forget” that it exists! It is all too easy to get caught up in something more lasting, more permanent, something karmic that lowers ones vibrations and takes one even further away from their divine counterparts. There is no karmic bond that connects us to our divine counterparts. In fact, all karma must be balanced to connect with our divine counterparts. Once we have lost our way it is very difficult to regain it back again.


It is only through deliberate and conscious “remembering” that one can remain in contact with their divine counterpart. This is the challenge of this relationship. While each contact and communication remains divine, it is shortly gone as if it never existed.

Not surprisingly we have termed this “forgetting our way back to God” or some other similar phrase like “forgetting our way home”. But what we have really forgotten is how to connect with our divine counterpart!


Happy Birthday!

As this drama unfolds the most beautiful angel, the one responsible for the division of the astral into two cells or worlds, has returned to once more complete the divine counterpart pattern of the new elves. The cell or earth of the new humans remains in strict quarantine and new humans retain “observer status” only as Gaia’s ascension continues. They may watch but may have no direct or indirect influence in the unfolding of coming events. They may not have “outside contact” and are enclosed in an energetically balanced enclosure where they can work things out for themselves in total free will without outside influence.


The cell or earth of the new elves with its complete and balanced divine counterpart male/female pattern is now finished and a new energetic stage begins, the galactic grand opening of new Gaia! Gaia guardians are now in place and all barriers have been removed to allow free access to our galactic visitors. New Gaia is now a free and open planet! Mortal physical 3D is dissolving and full disclosure of non human life and civilizations has been authorized along with public appearances of space craft when appropriate. New Gaia makes her debut in a grand way! We have arrived!

You may expect an awakening and increase in s0 called psychic phenomenon and abilities as the energies continue to rise and then stabilize. Our world is on the brink of unprecedented change and opportunity! People will either rally to the new energies or hurry to leave their physical bodies as the changes become too disruptive to deal with. Those leaving physical bodies will find opportunities to be born into new ones at appropriate times if desired. Already the astral has changed and allows new types of communications between souls that have not functioned in the old energies.

We have been waiting for this and now it is here!





Monday February 16 was when the fabric of the multi-verse was torn apart and the astral divided into two cells that are tightly connected together in love. Since then I have read so much disinformation on this that I’ve decided to share what I sense and have seen about this new reality we now experience.

Briefly, one cell or earth contains the astral levels of the new elves and the other cell or earth contains the astral levels of the new humans and this cell has only 5th density and higher levels in resonant harmony. It doesn’t contain the lower levels. The astral levels of the earth belonging to the new elves contains all astral layers and levels in resonant harmony including the lower levels and lower life forms. The recent battle has been over control of the lower levels.

Those souls and life forms able to integrate both their shadow and higher-self aspects remained with the new elve’s earth while those light workers and dark workers unable to integrate their shadow and higher self aspects were forcibly relocated to the newly created 2nd cell or earth of the new humans.

This might remind one of the planet A and planet B scenario spoken of years ago but in a greatly modified form. The two cells remain tightly tied together by love and there are infinite timelines between them both which some higher integrated souls can travel at will. These form a third race if you will.

This move has been touted as the mass removal of the souls of the dark cabal who have been taken to the Temple of Light where they are being treated and healed by teams of dedicated souls in the light. The reality is that both type of souls in this cell or earth belong to the new human race and both light and dark non-integrated souls have been separated from those new elves able to integrate these aspects of themselves. They are forcibly held separate from the new elves.

The dividing line or boundary between these two cells or earths is the “present moment”. As “time” progresses all souls will gradually “leave” the present moment and wander further and further into their respective cells or earths. This will occur in stages or “ages” and will be marked as individual astral levels within levels. The new elves will “wander” into more primitive and natural organic earth environments as if going past in time while the new humans will move into increasingly “mental” or “chaotic” worlds governed and created by pure thought.

The hardiest and strongest souls will live to advanced ages and wander further than other souls. Upon death of the mortal physical bodies these souls will find homes at their natural vibrational levels at the immortal physical 3D levels.

While the new elves have been fighting for Gaia, mother earth, the new humans have been fighting each other as forces of dark and light. These combatant forces of dark and light remain together within the smaller cell or earth consisting of only those “higher” astral levels. Both sides are going through a healing process as one side works with the shadow aspect and the other side works with the higher self aspect slowly bringing both under the control of the normal and healthy human ego.

The new elves are those first generation souls created by the divine male and divine female energies and traditionally called “the angelic hierarchy”. The new humans are those younger second generation souls created from the divine female with her own sons and the divine male with his own daughters. These souls have traditionally been called the “sons and daughters of God” and the “sons and daughters of man”. It is this younger second generation of souls that created the “battle of the sexes” in the matriarchal and patriarchal traditions including male jealously and the dark mother archetypes. It is these souls that are not able to integrate the shadow and higher self aspects.

The ability to magickally create belongs to the new elves who have developed all of their astral bodies in pure resonance or are able to do so. In addition, these new elves need to be energetically capable of generating enough energy to creatively influence the resonant astral planes. The energy requirement for such activity is substantial and requires physical effort as well as spiritual focus.

In general all other souls will find themselves rather entrapped in worlds of their own creation until they find solutions to move on to higher levels.

As this energy wave now pushes downward into the magickal planes once again, highlighting events for the coming month, I feel a little anxiety and foreboding about things. I can senseĀ  a dark spot on my horizon where the s**t hits the fan and opens that can of worms I have been so avoiding. It is a very mixed feeling. On the one hand I know that I have to go through it to get where I want to be, but on the other hand I know that those I love will be hurt by it as well. My life is going to crack wide open and there seems to be nothing I can do about it, in fact, this must happen.

I know that in three months or so my part time job, which brings in an additional badly needed $4oo per month will be gone. Without that income, we can’t live where we are now living. We can’t really be living where we are living now. We are just forcing things and over extended.

This event is a trigger that will bring other changes as well having a domino effect and I sense other things, including outworn relationship things triggering. While I now live in two worlds, that will trigger my moving entirely into the new world and leaving the old behind. It is a good thing and a sad thing. Events are already taking place that are moving me forward into new situations and conditions.

There has been a war for this world and one side has won and one side has lost. Both sides have hearts filled with love, but their world visions are not compatible. As the 10D hologram resets itself at the end of March it will do so amidst a lot of heart ache, heart ache on both sides. It makes me wonder why this must be so, why such incompatible views need to exist side by side in our world. How can loving hearts perceive things so differently?

The great war for Gaia is over and I have been retired. My energies only affect personal timeline stuff, not global stuff any more. Yet my ability to channel and produce immense amounts of energy remain the same. I feel like an elephant in a China Shop. Astral creation is the most easy thing in the world for me, any resistance is only mere inconvenience.

I know things that others don’t know and things they need to know. I know how this creation thing works since I have been doing it throughout this great war. Yet I don’t know how to share what I know in a way that will be welcomed.

People are in for a very brutal awakening. While this new world is much kinder, more balanced and fair than the old world; it takes far more energy than ever before to creatively make things happen. The average person simply will not be able to make a dent creatively speaking in our new resonant world. They will remain at the mercy of external events and unable to alter the outcome in any meaningful way.

The resonant astral resistance to change will be many times what it has been in the past. Only full spectrum resonance will be able to affect change in this new environment. This means having the ability to function in full health at all levels of awareness. This applies to both the new elves and to the new humans each in their own respective ways.

This will be a massive challenge for humanity and a complete change in how the world is perceived. The world must be perceived through resonance, not through old concepts. Group workings must become resonant in nature as well as individual workings. To try working on only one level is doomed to failure from the start. The resonant effect will transmit any generated energies away and diffuse them harmlessly in the other energy levels.

The truth is that a relatively small group of lightworkers, (compared to the 7 billion souls on Gaia), have collectively and creatively changed our world to reflect a new way of living, loving and sharing that is very different than what the masses are accustomed to. It will be interesting to see how it all comes down.


An Update

So much has happened in recent days that it has been all but impossible to process it in any coherent way. That is beginning to change and I can offer this brief update.

For over the past twenty five years I have been deeply enmeshed and involved in the creation and anchoring of the male/female balanced pattern of the new Elves. I have shared how this pattern has gradually been brought downward through the levels to the very last level where is has been established at the immortal 3D physical level in a way that includes both the pattern of the new elves and the pattern of the new humans.

Over these years there has been a massive war and struggle between various factions for dominance and control over Gaia’s future. What this message shares is that the struggle is over, the future is secure in a balanced way for all living things, for new elves and new humans. Physical manifestation of these new events has begun. A truce has been proclaimed. An accord has been struck which all sides can live with.


For me personally this comes as quite a shock as this intense period of my life has completed and the new has not yet opened in front of me. Astral activity has changed from global situations and events to local personal timeline stuff. In other words I have been retired and an entirely new cycle of activity has begun and it is much more personal and private than what I have been accustomed to. I have stepped into a new world as a new person and am in the process of bringing new people into my life as well. I have no idea how all of this will unfold, I only know that it will unfold physically according to the divine plan of my own creation, my creation and the creation of those I share this divine plan with. For all divine plans are collective plans, created by many for the good of many.

This time period between now and the spring equinox will see the final dissolution of non compatible energies, energies that are not compatible with the final version of this totally new Unity Grid pattern which includes the two patterns of the new elves and new humans. This time period also signals the final combustion and burning out of the repressed energies of the shadow and higher self aspects within the human race. This closure will open the path to healing and rebuilding of a new world based on love, a balanced and healthy love between males and females and a healthy human ego and self esteem.


It has been a wild ride! At times overwhelming! But now a new future awaits. I have already stepped through the door. See you all there!



The New Humans have finished the creation of their new pattern as well and it also is a full spectrum pattern created of completely balanced male/female energies. This means the war between the sexes is finished because both working patterns, that of the New Elves and that of the New Humans consist of full spectrum resonant love energies. Resonant love is something that all living things can share!

In the old eon one individual awareness could not cross the entire spectrum of existence and each sex held one part of it. Now both sexes can enjoy the full spectrum of love and existence for the first time! The Matriarchal and Patriarchal traditions are no longer supported by either pattern.

Now here is where things get interesting. The pattern of the new elves and that of the new humans are not compatible with each other, but full initiates of either pattern are compatible with each other through full spectrum resonance! This ensures the higher unity of the entire human race! It also ensures eventual merging back into one body.

One may perceive the New Elves as the female soul of humanity and the New Humans as the male soul of humanity and they are destined to join together in love by the end of this great cycle. But that is the great work of a great cycle and much is to be done before that can happen.


In practical terms as the repressed and toxic energies of the masses burn themselves out these new resonant energies will become more dominant. They already are.


The astral planes have essentially split in a form of “cell division” in the first step of creating a “new physical body”. Although split from each other they remain tightly joined in love. The common boundary is the present moment and as timeĀ  passes individuals will wander and find their way deeper and deeper into one or the other of these multi-dimensional worlds/cells/universes.

Each multi-dimensional world/cell/universe is connected to the other through an infinite number of connections and timelines which are created by each one of us. All things have become possible.

The energetic portion of Gaia’s ascension has now been fulfilled. The vibrations might still rise but the final forms have been given shape. New Elves are drawn to experiences in their new world and New Humans are drawn to experiences in their new world. This will happen peacefully as all have love in their hearts.

Wrong thinking by New Elves and by New Humans both will be the problem as many are still not awake enough to know what is going on. Clinging to old paradigms will become seriously painful over this next few weeks and months as the repressed energies burn themselves out.

It is time for both New Humans and New Elves to get excited about what is now happening in our physical present moment world!




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