Sometimes it just drives me crazy how convoluted politically correct beliefs are about the Ascension process. Consider these few examples. It is politically correct to assume that Gaia’s Ascension is in the bag. That it has already happened in the upper astral levels and only needs to act itself out in physical 3D. It is convenient to ignore the fact that negative events such as World War III and a polar shift  have also existed in the higher levels and it was assumed they were inevitable.


I guess what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t really matter what is scheduled to happen within the higher planes of the astral because they can be modified, altered or destroyed by what happens at the lower astral planes! Those of us within physical bodies actively worked  within the lower astral levels to prevent global disasters and warfare. We have been highly successful in altering what was scheduled and believed to be inevitable. The point of power lies within the lower astral planes as it must at the beginning of any great cycle. But people refuse to believe  this simple fact!


They continue to believe that they can create a future world within the higher levels, the mental levels or even the heart levels and it will manifest in physical 3D. The truth is that anything created at the spiritual level, at the mental level, or even at the heart level is quite vulnerable and may quite well be modified, altered, or destroyed by interference at the lowest astral plane. It doesn’t matter if it’s the good guys or the bad guys! They all believe their higher-level creations can succeed and physically manifest. They are all living in their heads and have no earth connection.


I would like to provide a counter viewpoint that clarifies this misconception. The future of Gaia and the New World lies with those lifeforms that can manipulate the lower astral levels with full consciousness. Most humans do not function consciously at the lowest levels! The simple truth is that all life forms including animals, reptiles, birds,  and plants now have an equal say in Gaia’s future! The only requirement to be a creator is the ability to function consciously at the lowest levels and this will continue for the next 2000 years. Humanity no longer has an advantage over other lifeforms!


Don’t get me wrong, humans that have integrated the lower levels and the higher levels will be able to create with guidance from the higher levels and follow their creations down through all of the lower levels. This is a very empowered thing to do and represents the true magic that is now blossoming  fourth upon Gaia in all locations. This ability to magically create has been earned by those older souls that  have now graduated from the old cycle. These old souls have integrated their own shadow aspects and purified their lower natures from all self-destructive and toxic energies.


The ability to consciously work with sexual orgasm energy and rupture the lowest  astral level is the strongest and most powerful creative magic that is now possible in this newly created world! These abilities are the new way of reality creation! I don’t care if this is politically incorrect! It needs to be said! Any other forms of astral creation will be circumvented and not as effective.


It’s time to realize that brains and heart don’t count unless they are integrated and anchored at the lowest levels, especially at the beginning of the great cycle! All integrated lifeforms, no matter what their level of ascension, or level of personal awareness, will outperform those lifeforms   or   beings that have not been able to integrate and assimilate their own shadow nature and self-destructive impulses.


This is why I believe that Tantric  practices must be clearly understood and adapted to modern understanding so that people know how to creatively work at the lower levels of astral planes and how to develop their souls. The integration of the lower levels with the highest levels is the greatest work that can be done at this time.


One final thought about the elasticity of the astral planes. The astral planes resist change and will only form new patterns when they are forced to. For most people, the patterns that exist within the astral planes are not in their benefit or to their advantage. These patterns will not change until they are forced to change! Old eon dynamics resist any attempt at alteration. New patterns must be creatively and forcefully put into place before anything new can happen at the physical level. This requires massive amounts of personally generated energy! The powers that were have tried very hard to ensure that individuals are complacent and as passive as possible. Self initiative and self empowerment have not been encouraged. This has to change!

With birth comes separation, but also the link between mother and child. As his awareness enters the newly created astral body which she has given birth to from out of her own substance a strong bond is created between the two of them, an energetic bond. But he does not yet have control over this body and draws upon her for the energy he needs to mature and maintain this new nonphysical body.


They both enjoy this new connective  bond which allows each of them to share more intimately and understand each other more completely. As she gets to know him better she wants more of him, more of his energy. He wants to be with her and she wants to create a happy environment for them both.


As this energy exchange between the two of them continues they become more balanced. He begins to develop the female aspect of his soul and she begins to develop the male aspect of her soul. He gradually gains awareness and control of his new environment. She has already mastered this environment, but not had the ability to create within it until her energy was mixed with his.


Once more we can see that his energy is like sunlight that shines through a prism creating the colors of the rainbow. She is like the prism which captures the sunlight and creates the colors of the rainbow to the delight of both of them. Without his energy she is not able to create. Without her energy there are no colors. Once more we get a glimpse of the mysteries of the male path and the female  path.

I have been posting about the energetic dynamics between males and females in love relationships. I’ve spoken about how common and ordinary the Tantric path really is,  how natural it really is. In fact, I can envision the reader of my posts being disappointed at the lack of any hidden wisdom pertaining to the development of the soul and its powers through the practice of  tantrism.


The entire subject of human sexuality is so distorted and obscured by false teachings and ridiculous assumptions that I find it necessary to share my own personal experiences as a sledgehammer to break through the false wisdom of those that have already made up their mind about this subject.


The Tantric practitioner learns how to generate sexual orgasm energy and direct it consciously  in a nonphysical way to his partner or any desired objective. The orgasm itself is studied and mastered to the point that it can be extended for an average of five or ten minutes, thus generating an immense amount of nonphysical sexual orgasm energy that will be shared in a nonphysical manner with their partner.


Rose, my divine counterpart, who lives halfway around the world from me, has shared her experience of our astral lovemaking. She can feel me almost like a physical presence, feel my body weight and feel me enter into her. She can feel my energy fill her slowly flooding each chakra one at a time and causing it to overflow from the lowest chakra up to the highest crown chakra. At the same time she is adding her own energy to mine and our combined energy completely fills the lower levels before overflowing and moving up into the higher levels until finally exploding outward in an earth shattering orgasm out the top of her crown chakra.


Up until two days ago this was not my experience, or at least very rarely was my experience. I could sense her near physical presence during our astral lovemaking and poured my own generated sexual orgasm energy into her. I could feel it build as it went higher and higher up the energy centers of her body  as my own energies went higher as well. At some point the energy that  I was generating would simply be gone. In essence it was a nonphysical orgasm lasting 5 to 10 minutes and not involving physical orgasm or sperm loss in most cases.


But things have changed in the last two days! Our astral lovemaking has now taken on an entire new dimension. I now feel a similar experience in which our combined energies fill both of us gradually from the bottom energy centers causing them to overflow and then rising up through the highest centers and finally out through the crown chakra as an ultimate immense bursting into source energy and becoming one with each other! It is the ultimate spiritual experience that I have ever had and it keeps getting better!


Because Rose and I are half a world away from each other our individually generated energy as well as our combined energy travels through Gaia’s energy grid. It might even be better to say that Rose and I create a substantial portion of this energy grid by our connection with each other and our combined energies bring the garden of Eden energies, the energies of prosperity, abundance, and love into the grid and make them available to all life forms upon the earth.


All those people working with sexual orgasm energy twice daily cause the lower astral planes to rupture, and their energy then floods the lower levels and fills Earth’s energy grid in a similar manner. This is the new empowerment for a new humanity and allows each individual to energetically create their own universe.

Tantra is about the energy dynamics between the male and female. All kinds of energies are shared in the process of soul development. What I’m trying to share are the basic energy dynamics that take place in a natural and normal way as a love relationship progresses.


I need to emphasize that the path of the male and the path of the female are different and distinct from each other. For one thing male energy is expansive and penetrating. Female energy is embracing and creative. We can use the simple illustration of the sperm and   ovum as an example. During physical sex sperm is released and swims toward the egg or ovum which it tries to penetrate. There is a strong resistance, but with persistence the sperm finally breaks through the outer barrier and enters inside the core of the egg and fertilizes it.


This is what happens at the fifth meeting of the male and female energies. There is a radical change, a dramatic shifting of energy dynamics that permanently changes both people. This happens in the nonphysical planes with nonphysical sexual energy. But it is also a mirror of what happens with physical sexual energies.


He realizes that she is holding back and having difficulties with his energy. So he turns his vast creative energies toward developing a type of energy which she can work with more easily. Through trial and error he examines the nature of the energy he is sending her. He perfects and refines each type of energy until he can send each type to her at will. This can be spiritual energy, mental energy, emotional energy, physical energy or sexual energy. What is happening is that he is gaining the ability to share sexual energy at different levels.  He is gaining an awareness of his own energy.


She is totally overwhelmed by the variety and force of the energies that he is sending. This is a totally new experience and she becomes afraid of losing herself completely in this wild vortex of raw sensual, emotional,  mental and spiritual forces. In the beginning she was in control of this process. She could choose to let him in or keep him out. Now she can’t keep him out any longer.


Even though she tries to be careful she finds herself being dragged deeper  and deeper into his raw wild energies and she can’t escape. She is losing control.  He is beginning to dominate her. She becomes pregnant.


This is one of the most secret teachings of the ages. Astral bodies are created through a nonphysical birth process that mirrors physical pregnancy and childbirth. It is the secret meaning behind “to be born again”. When nonphysical male energy pierces the protective shell of the female and enters into her core or   womb she becomes pregnant  on the nonphysical level and gives birth to a permanent astral body that becomes his.


This is the result of an astral sexual encounter and is much more common than believed. Many people have sexual dreams. What happens during the sexual dreams is identical to what I am currently describing about Tantric practice. The only difference between these normal dreams and Tantric practice is the deliberate generation and sharing of sexual orgasm energy for the purpose of enhancing and speeding up this process of soul growth and personal development.


This    gestation period  marks a rapid and deep energy exchange between the male and female. She must create a permanently activated astral body of her own before it can give birth to his new astral body. So she takes in his energy and creatively  mixes it with her own energy to form astral bodies for both of them.


Again I need to stress how normal this process is. It is common for people to have sexual encounters in dreams and these dreams truly reflect soul development between two people that are in love with each other. It explains how love can make a person feel complete and how another person can seem like the missing part of your own soul. But there are many different levels of energy and each chakra has its own type of energy. It is also common for females to have dreams about babies and giving birth to babies.


The Tantric path teaches the activation of all chakras and the birth of all astral bodies. It teaches the integration of all astral bodies into one complete soul which  then for the first time is allowed to find and contact its true divine counterpart.

Fire From Heaven

Last night I had a very significant dream. I was walking through the night with two other people toward some destination. We came upon a small campfire that was burning brightly. The other two continued onward and I called out to them to stop, that this was a good place to stop and spend the night. They kept going but I stayed there. Symbolically fire represents light in the lower astral levels. When fire shows up as it did in this dream, like a campfire offering light, warmth and shelter, it is very significant indeed.


Perhaps the most significant thing about this dream was that the campfire was burning before we got to it. This was not a fire that I had to start or one that I had to keep burning. It was a  fire that was already burning and consisted of energy that that was already in the astral, not energy that I was bringing to the astral myself.


My interpretation of this dream is that the fire represented a collective energy, a certain vibratory energy that was very spiritual and very important at the lowest astral levels. For a long time now there has been conflict within the lower astral planes over which vibratory frequency will take precedence. Many advanced souls that function creatively within the lower astral planes are able to move up and down through many frequencies easily. In my dream the three of us that were walking through the darkness or through the night were able to do this, we were traveling toward some destination and changing frequencies or rather moving through various frequencies. But when we reached the frequency or the location with the campfire I recognized it as a very important place energetically and was determined to stop there for the night, to align myself with that energy.


In the old eon the collective was much different than it is in the new  eon. In the old eon the collective was essentially  a linked chain of individuals in which the energies flowed from the top down. This circuit was simply linear like the wiring in a house or an electric fence. But the collective of the new energy is wired very differently. In this new  eon various individuals resonate at the same frequencies and are joined together because of harmony and resonance to each other. So the new energies are assisting people with similar frequencies and energies to find each other and be supportive families  or soul  groups to each other. In addition advanced people in the new age are able to travel in awareness through different frequencies and thereby connect with different groups. This energy dynamic is very different from that of the old eon.


Throughout my spiritual journey I have been a classic overachiever, going much further than needed and doing far more than necessary. Back in 1991 when I crossed the great abyss and merged with the spiritual light I went far higher into the light than I needed to go. I kept trying to go higher and higher into the light. Finally I felt my awareness begin moving downward again. As my awareness went downward toward the earth I reached a similar spot where there  seemed to be a spiritual collective energy that was accessible to all people. It was like trying to tune into a radio station and I had gone too far on the dial. I had gone into frequencies where there were no other people and needed to go back down until I found the frequency that other people were using.


In like manner last night’s dream of the campfire showed going too far into the darkness or too far into the earth energies or the lower energies. The other two that were traveling with me continued way too far into the lower energies where no one else could go. The warm campfire with its comfort, light and safety, was the perfect place for collective energy to be shared with others. The true meaning of this dream was the permanent establishment of the campfire energy as fire from heaven, the major power source of the lower astral and  of the collective.


For the first time collective life forms on earth have chosen the collective garden of Eden energy and  established it permanently within the lower astral planes! Now all other astral events need to orient themselves around this foundational base frequency.

This coming Friday is the full moon and of major significance  in  Gaia’s   ascension process. For all practical purposes this full moon marks the most intense point within this small window of opportunity that ends on the September equinox. Recent dreams and visions have shown massive upheaval in what appears to be the global economic system. The events of the coming year are now being determined on a global  scope. The big picture events first need to be determined before smaller, individual, and less significant events can be determined. And believe me, these events are being determined!


Another insight I have received is about the individual ascension process itself. If you are feeling  enmeshed in drama or crisis you are operating from a lower energy level. If you feel removed from the chaos and disruption then you are operating from an ascended level of awareness. What seems to be happening right now is the empowerment and stabilization of those individuals that are ready to remain permanently in the higher levels of awareness. What this means is that they have found a way to remain secure and safe during the coming changes. There is another factor to this that must be examined as well. The lower levels are codependent by necessity, in the upper levels each individual can choose to not be codependent. They can choose freedom from entanglement and drama in their lives.


In a way, what this means is that ascension is simply having your act together! When you have your act together you do not feel threatened by external events in your life. In fact, external events will now begin to bring opportunity for advancement and empowerment! The long bitter struggle for personal survival is nearing its end. My understanding is that the September equinox marks this point in time. It marks the point where our personal advancement becomes self-sustaining and supported by the cosmic itself.


For those choosing not to ascend, the equinox represents movement back into codependency and back into drama. This will be accompanied by fear and anxiety as society appears to crumble around them. In my own personal life this has been marked by a feeling of finally getting my  own  act together.  It can mean downsizing to a point where things become manageable. It can mean distancing oneself from emotional snarls and entanglements. In all cases it means freedom and empowerment!


Many thanks to those who have been working with sexual orgasm energy these past days to rupture the lower astral level and to purge it of negative and toxic energies. This effort has been wildly successful! The lower levels now sparkle in their crystalline purity! All life forms are now able to access these Garden of Eden energies. All life forms are now making their voices and their wishes heard! Love is the answer! Love is the solution! We have  won!

It is appropriate to clarify some things about   the Tantric path at this time. The Tantric path is a spiritual path of soul development. It makes use of the energy dynamics of male and female relationships. Too many people think that this path is simply about erotic lovemaking. That is absolutely false. It is about the development of the soul and its powers. To consider this path to be anything else is a grave error. This is also a very functional path, perhaps the most functional path of spiritual  development that exists!


As mentioned previously the male and the female each follow different paths even though they are working together in a partnership. These paths are complementary to each other and also true opposites of each other. It is common to believe that each person has a similar experience to the other or that their understandings are similar to each other. This is far from the truth! Experience will show that the male and female can arrive at similar beliefs and viewpoints, but the way they arrive at those similar beliefs or viewpoints has nothing in common with each other.


Because we are talking about nonphysical energies, most of the activity happens in the nonphysical planes, the astral planes. When we encounter another person in a dream or vision we can recognize the truth of that contact by the instance of fear that shoots through us at the recognition of something  or someone that is not self! Up to this point both the male and female are exchanging energies that are mostly fantasy. His or her daydreams about the other person become more real than he or she is. It is what they spiritually represent to each other that they fall in love with. They are falling in love with an ideal and not with a real person. This works both ways.


But there is a point in the relationship when the energies pierce through all the protective layers   of illusion and each meets the other energetically in truth for the very first time. This is a very frightening experience because it is so intimate and sacred and the vulnerability of each confronts the genuine possibility of becoming  hurt. It is both terrifying and exciting. It stirs both of their emotions wildly. How can there be so much energy between them? The power of the energy exchange seems that it threatens to destroy them both. In addition there is an a  alien feeling about the other person’s energy. Something does not seem right and they both realize that they don’t really know each other at all.  They don’t know if they can trust each other.


This is the time in so many relationships when each person needs to back off a little and process what has happened up to this  point and where they really want to go with  this relationship. I would like to stress that the stages I have described so far are very normal and healthy love relationships. That is because the Tantric path is a very normal and healthy spiritual path when understood correctly. What makes the Tantric path special is the speed at which soul development  can progress when both partners are working with these energies in full awareness, especially sexual orgasm energies.


To put this bluntly, any relationship with the opposite sex that strikes a spark or consists of a genuine soul connection causes love to grow between the two people  And the growth of this love develops their souls. Each soul becomes larger, wiser, and more balanced because of the experience. In the beginning things are hit and miss resulting in a lot of errors and false starts. But each partner becomes a true teacher for the other and allows glimpses into what the opposite sex is really like.  With each experience the capacity to love grows.