The End?

In this physical world all things have a beginning and an end. That is so new things can take their turn. Mother Earth, Gaia, has just begun a new cycle of existence and I am pleased to have been a part of it. I have poured out my heart and any information that I considered of value freely to one and all, mostly without thanks or comment. This is as it should be and I have no complaints. However, it seems that Anarchist World is dead! Between two computer crashes, a new computer, and expired domain registration of which I no longer have access to, the main site is dead and not coming back!

All things happen for a reason and I am taking this time to consider my options. The blogs are still active, but unwieldy without the main page to access them. Thus unless you have subscribed to a blog it might be difficult to find it. What have I learned? What is the next step? Frankly, I am considering letting the blogs go as well. One only needs to remember how many blogs and how much information has been posted to realize how much work has gone into this project. Originally I thought that this project would bring exposure to my writings and even more importantly help spread information about Gaia’s ascension process.

Gaia’s ascension process has now crystallized and my own contributions or any one else’s are no longer effective in changing anything. We have collectively bought the ticket and now need to ride it out, good or bad! So now its time to think of myself for a change and think about getting a fair return in exchange for my efforts. That means equal value for equal value, something I’ve never seriously contemplated. I have always felt it more important to just get the information out there! Well, I did get the information out there and its all still there! I’m not taking anything down right away. I’m just restricting new information to those that value it enough to help contribute for my own personal time and effort.

We live in a world that does not recognize spiritual or non-physical empowerment and activity. We also live in a world where logic and reason are considered as supreme and even above self-evident truth. We also live in a world where people now expect everything to be free, where they don’t have to put out any effort for themselves. Add to this the fact that so called Christian values and beliefs dominate and pervert  normal healthy practices. We also live in a world of free will! If that is what people want, then go for it!

But I follow another way. About thirty years ago I crossed the great abyss and shortly after that had an extremely vivid vision/dream where someone showed me the book of life and told me to grab onto it. I grabbed it and then the creature/being began to laugh and said that I would die if I ever let go of it. I shouted “No!”  and slammed the book shut. Instantly I felt my soul sever from the earth and begin to burn in hell fire (or at least be consumed in fire.). I felt fear as my soul was consumed and my awareness was forced across the great abyss where it was safe. But all my lower astral bodies were destroyed! Then began the process of slowly building them back up again from the top down!

I share this because I have come to realize that this is the process that happens upon the death of the physical body when the soul detatches from it and moves up into the light, disolving itself as it goes until only the core self remains. So, I have died and come back in an almost literal way. I have followed the paths of spiritual tradition and completed them and even returned back to earth with completely resurected astral bodies. This makes me a Master and able to teach if anyone is interested. My blogs must speak for me, as I have no desire to add further to this. I have freely given my teachings to all that have been able to find them. I have fulfilled my duty in this and in Gaia’s ascension. This is the end and a new beginning. Now is the time to regroup, to find and join with my own kind, my own soul group. I no longer have interest in the ‘human collective”, those who don’t have interest in me either. I have interest in sharing as equals with my own soul group, where ever they are and who ever they are.

For those interested in further contact and information please email me at  joebandel@gmail.com or joebandel@hotmail.com and I will get in personal contact as we collectively decide how to procede! I have further information that I will only share within my own soul group. Use OAK or Order of Anarchistic Knights as the subject. Anarchist World has gone dark!


A Magical Revival

Earth’s ascension has been going smoothly and the focus is now upon human society. The massive number of books that I have been listening to at work during the past month have given me lots of new information to try to digest. There is some very profound information that is trying to come through but it is very difficult to put into words.


Essentially I am now in the process of confronting the reality of how badly humanity has strayed from the original divine plan. The problem is how to say what I now understand to be true without sounding like a crackpot!


There is a path that humanity can follow. It is a natural path, in fact, humanity has been following this path to some degree through the ages. This path involves love, and relationships. There is a natural co-dependent cycle which most people experience in part at some point during their lifetimes. There is a spark of attraction, a growing together, no more spark, and then going separate ways. This cycle includes strong emotions, sexual dreams, and often unpleasant experiences as well as the pleasant experiences of being in love.


These cycles help us to understand the opposite sex as well as ourselves. We project our fears and our needs on to our partners. In this way we gradually confront our shadow aspect and begin the process of integrating it into our ego as male or female. These cycles also help us to develop the powers of our soul and work to create various astral bodies.


In doing this we also heal our mental and emotional selves and develop self-esteem. This allows us to become a complete person for the first time and also allows us to become empowered on all possible levels. None of this is really new, and I’ve been talking about it for a long time in one way or another.


What is not known is the extent to which this path has been known in the past and how completely it has been deliberately hidden from us.


What I intend to do is take this entire process and completely explain it drawing upon personal experience and other professional resources. The simple truth is so radical and revolutionary that it defies belief! This truth is so radical and revolutionary that if accepted will shatter society as we know it! That is why I intend to proceed very carefully and cautiously, allowing each reader to experience these truths for themselves.


At this point I would like to refer my readers to the duality essays in my book Magister Templi. These three essays describe the entire spectrum of human existence in reference to the various astral planes. As one reads these essays they will find each stage of ego development some what familiar and maybe even have memories of experiencing them. This is extremely important because it proves that each one of us can achieve each one of these stages of awareness if we can only recognize it. In fact, we have probably already encountered many of these stages but not  recognized them. It is important for us to recognize these stages and be able to achieve them at will. Doing this will develop each of our astral bodies and help with the process of integrating the various parts of our soul.


By attaching memories to these various stages we began the process of organizing our memories and moving our awareness up and down the astral planes. In this way we acclimate ourselves to the full spectrum of human existence and learn to be comfortable at each level. This is a very powerful thing to do!

An Overview

When is the last time you had some humble pie? I was just looking at the Inner Traditions book catalog and was amazed at how many books were out there on so many esoteric subjects. It made me stop and wonder what I was really trying to do with my poor assortment of books and blogs.


In reflection I realized that it was like trying to compare apples and oranges. Most, if not all of those books in the catalog were heavily researched and very informative. I recognized several titles that I have on my bookshelf at home. There were many that I recognized as very high quality.


But my material, comes from my sweat and my blood, from my personal first-hand experience and practice. I have done what most of these books talk about and try to explain. I have traveled the right-hand path to merge with the Godhead and was then sent back down once more to earth. I have walked the left-hand path to its conclusion, confronting my greatest fears and developing my eight astral bodies. I consider the entire process of spiritual development and empowerment a purely mechanical process that is driven through extreme amounts of physically generated energy of the various types.


I look at those books and realize that very little of that information is really of value in the development of the soul and its powers. In contrast, I try to give information that I feel is of the greatest value whether others believe that to be true or not.


In the end one can either sense the power, energy, and vitality in my words or not. They can choose to use this information or not, but I consider it to be the finest information available in the world!


On to other things! This month has been very intense to put it mildly. Every day at work I have been listening to one book or another. These have centered around the writings of Julius Evola, the Western mystery tradition, and the occultism of Nazi Germany. I have listened to more books in the last month than I have read in the last five years! The strange thing is that I’m not listening to these books for esoteric knowledge, because I already have that. I’m using them to fill in the little details of the big picture.


The big picture of Earth’s ascension now seems to be focused upon human society. For years there has been an ongoing battle over Earth’s ascension. this battle has now moved into the purely human sphere. This month has seen the final severance of souls from the old power structure. Those humans that I call the new elves have lost their connection to the spiritual light and have begun drawing spiritual power from the earth itself. They are experiencing the fall. This is what I am experiencing as well. Those humans that I call the new humans have lost their connection to the earth and have begun drawing spiritual energy from the light. These changes have occurred whether the individuals are aware of them or not.


For me this has involved a radical polarization against the right-hand path of the spiritual tradition. This has come to me as a great surprise and I’m still trying to process it. Up until now I have walked both paths, that of the light, and that of the dark. But now I walk in the warm darkness of the earth energies lit with the light that I have brought down with me. It seems to me that this severance needs to happen so that the new cycle can proceed. It is the beginning of the game, not the end of the game! Once more I have fallen to earth!


As I mentioned earlier, these changes have now hit society and you will see some interesting changes within the political parties before the coming elections. There will be a movement of spiritually inclined voters toward the Democratic party and a movement of environmentally conservative voters toward the Republican Party. What’s happening is that the radical right is finding a way to unite with the radical left and leaving the lukewarm voters for the Democratic Party. This may take a few years to develop, but the outcome is certain. There are troubled times ahead.


The beginning of this new age is magical and the new elves will be the first to be empowered. The new elves will be individualistic anarchists and will not fit in very well with our current collective social structure. Things are going to have to change! There will be a needed movement toward self-sustaining communities and lifestyles with a greater emphasis on recycling and renewable energy sources.


The powers that be/or were will continue trying to envelop the world in global warfare but it is not going to work. The collective does not want war! The rich are going to lose their money. It will be taken from them. But not without a fight! Racial tensions will increase to explosive proportions. People will start dropping out of society. Law enforcement will not be adequate. Just two weeks ago someone shattered the side window of my wife’s van. It is starting!


The only effective protection is magical protection!

For those occult minded readers I would refer you to the blog Magic, Mystery and Madness which is getting some real activity for awhile. I feel it necessary to make public the left hand path so that those called to this path might get the information they need. After enough material is posted to get people started I will drop back to a more normal rate of posting.

I only recently gained an understanding of the pressures confronting our society while reading The Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity. This problem is now the most pressing one confronting our society and the most dangerous. I felt that needed information of a more balanced nature should be disclosed to assist in bringing some sanity to an insane situation. So I am in the process of posting what I know of this.

In a way I’m coming out of the closet by doing this and drawing some very definite lines in the sand that will estrange me from others. Well, so be it! The time for niceties is past. Some things need to be said and said quickly!

In particular the higher levels of the astral planes are becoming dormant and those seeking empowerment of any kind there are in for a rude awakening. The world is not going in the direction they think it is. I just didn’t realize how desperate the plight really was until reading this book.

In every age of humanity the existing civilization becomes too decadent and weak and is overrun by a more viral and vital population. I will simply say that our existing decadent and weak society/civilization will not and can not prevail against this new power, the power of the lowest astral levels. But I also hope that it doesn’t have to be violent and full of hatred. Make love, not war! This is the message I’m hoping to share with this new material. There is still hope!

Listening to books while at work has been very powerful and I have been able to do a lot of research on the origins of German occultism and German Satanism. At this point I have run into a very disturbing fact. The black current of turn-of-the-century German occultism is very likely that same current that was turned to perverted use during the rise of Nazi Germany.


At this point it is very important that I make a disclaimer concerning The OAK materials. These materials are primarily designed for personal empowerment and the development of the soul and its powers. It suggests a loose Association of individualistic anarchists as described by Max Stirner.


What I find is that I may appear to be talking like extreme right wing fanatics, fascists, neo-Nazis, or Satanists. There is an uncanny resemblance at certain levels and in dealing with certain subjects. However OAK is for the entire human race, believes that we are each part of one another and that to harm someone else is to harm ourselves.


I must further distance myself from the above extremists by saying that even though the OAK material is diametrically opposed to so-called liberal socialism and all that liberal socialism stands for, I stand firmly in support of so-called liberal socialist goals. While not personally believing in these liberal socialist goals, I believe that they would create a world and political environment in which the OAK materials would offer extreme advantages and personal empowerment. In other words, a liberal socialist goal is not a threat. An individualistic anarchist could do quite well for themselves in such a world.


Racial equality is not a threat. Racial mixing is not a threat. Women’s rights are not a threat. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transvestite lifestyles are not a threat. If this is what the common person wants that is fine.

This is particularly important in regard to Judaism. In translating German authors and in being anti-kabalistic I have no desire to be made out anti-Jewish! Again my work is about personal empowerment and against threats to personal empowerment. There is no threat in either of these things. I recognize only humans and such concepts as kabalistic thought are hopelessly antiquated and obsolete. That does not prevent people from having the right to believe in them and to practice them!


My father once asked me, “Why do you stop at a stop sign? Is it because you are afraid of getting killed, or afraid of getting a ticket?”


I got quite annoyed and told him, “Neither one!I stop at stop signs because our society has collectively agreed to do this. I do this out of a sense of cooperation, not out of a sense of fear.”


In this respect social liberalism is much like my father acting and passing laws out of fear and intimidation practices thinking to make everyone believe and honor some sacred external value and authority. I am adamantly opposed to such things as an individualistic anarchist. However, the above named groups acting out of hate and violence are much worse and I would like to distance myself as much as possible from them.


OAK concerns the spirit and metaphysical, not the political!



Oak: a modern mystery school


The last several weeks have been quite busy for me. While at work I have listened to Max Stirner’s book The Ego and His Own three times, listened to rough versions of The Pentateuch by Stanislaw Przybyszewski,as well as Richard Burton’s translations of Kama Sutram, Anangaranga and the Perfumed Garden of Sheik Nefzaui.


My purpose in exploring these materials was to seek out metaphysical and occult knowledge that might be hidden within them, knowledge that influenced turn-of-the-century German literature in the late 1890s and early 1900s. In particular German author Hanns Heinz Ewers was said to have been deeply influenced by Max Stirner and Stanislaw przybyszewski. He also wrote introductions for the other three books published by sexologist Doctor Magnus Hirschfeld.


The Ego and His Own was a treasure trove that I hope to share with my readers in due course. The Pentateuch was also a Goldmine in a very different way. They both contained very important information of a metaphysical and magical nature. The three other books,Kama Sutram, Anagaranga and Perfumed Garden were disappointing in that respect. They did however, offer a broad overview on the subject of sexuality as understood through history. Not to leave any stone unturned, I also just finished reading Demons of the Flesh: the complete guide to left-hand sex magic by Nikolas and Zeena Schreck. Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed with this book as well. I found nothing in it of consequence to metaphysical or magical pursuits.


The three blogs that I had intended for these three books are instead going to be reused for new purpose. I have already started translation of Sensitiva Amorosa by Ola Hansson. The works of this author were highly recommended by Stanislaw Przybyszewski. Thus I continue my search for metaphysical and magical content within the German literature of that time.


What I have discovered so far within this literature is a marked tendency toward egoism or individualist anarchy, the concept of duality as male and female with androgyny as its goal, and a marked anti-church stance. You will find these themes over and over again in the German works which I have translated.


Metaphysically and magically my own personal path has reached a culmination during this summer solstice. In short, I now feel comfortable in sharing my personal experiences upon the magical path and will do so in the blog Magick, Mystery and Madness. These experiences combined with personal research have led me to conclusions that are at odds with traditional and magical thinking. In a very real way, my conclusions are an extension of the work done by these German authors.


Before I proceed to attack some of the most beloved tenants of modern day mysticism and occultism I find it necessary to give a short introduction and list a few of the qualifications and qualities that I bring to this investigation.


At the age of fourteen I had a profound religious experience in which I vowed to live in such a way that my conscience would be clean. This was the result of a crisis in which I could no longer tolerate my own actions and beliefs. At the age of eighteen I joined the Rosicrucian Order AMORC to which I belonged for the next twenty-two years. Thus I bring twenty-two years of Rosicrucian studies and initiations into this investigation. Concurrent with these studies was membership in the affiliated Traditional Martinist Order or TMO and its 4° of study.


These studies were combined with all the available literature of the Theosophical Society and other branches of Rosicrucian study. In addition I was heavily influenced by the writings of Jane Roberts, Dick Sutphen, and various forms of astrology. I was also involved in heavy study of Neuro Linguistics Programming or NLP and the use of hypnosis.


Several times during these early years a master appeared to me during meditation or self initiation. The first time this happened a master appeared in the middle of my living room floating in the air and sitting cross legged radiating a strong energy of love and light. I was able to walk completely around this figure viewing it from all directions. It had a profound effect on me. I later came to realize that this Rosicrucian master was none other than Hanns Heinz Ewers.


These were the main influences of my early mystical path. I relentlessly pursued spiritual prayer, meditation, and study until crossing the great abyss and merging with the Godhead back in 1990. The books Magister Templi and Modern Survivalism are the results of this mystical path. In reading these two books the reader can determine for him or herself whether I speak from personal experience or not.


Following this experience I was plunged once more back down toward the earth to study and experience the magical path. This path included initiation into the first 3° of the OTO, skirmishes with SOTO, all the written material by Alastair Crowley, study of the Golden Dawn material, and that of Freemasonry. It also included initiations into the York right of Freemasonry as well as studies of the Scottish right, the rights of Memphis and Mizraim and all other known Masonic offshoots.


Research materials included Masonic literature from the local Masonic Lodge, the OTO Phenomenon Reload by Peter Konig, (three volumes) as well as OTO Rituals and Sex Magick. Rounding this off were books on sex energy work by Master Mantak Chia as well as a host of other books too numerous to mention. I almost forgot to mention Dianetics processing and the study of Scientology. This esoteric literature was rounded out with a hard dose of reality, as well as the writings of Nietzsche, Ayn Rand, the philosophy of objectivism, and neo-Tech. Neo-Tech in particular was of a profound influence and I devoured all of the neo-Tech material available for ten years. To my knowledge this material is no longer available to the public.


My journey upon the magical path involved the development or birth of eight astral bodies, one after the other over a period of twenty-five years. This was achieved through the generation of sex energy as described by Montak Chia and the birth of an astral body through astral sex with eight individual females. I knew these females, but only in the Platonic sense. Except for the eighth whom I married.


Because of my personal experiences I understand the mystical path to be crossing the great abyss and merging with the Godhead; and understand the magical path to be the creation of all eight astral bodies through the generation of sexual energy and union with the opposite sex. Both of these paths seem to be mechanical in nature, requiring effort, but not technique or specific practices. This places me at odds with almost any mystical or magical tradition. I further believe that the development of these soul bodies is the reported goal of all religions and magical practices; that it results in mental, spiritual, and emotional as well as physical health. I further understand the traveling of these two paths, the mystical and the magical, to be what has been termed the lesser work. That which is known as the greater work can only be achieved after this first has been accomplished.



In this respect, only now am I able to begin that which has been termed the greater work. By this I mean the creation of a new mystery school which I have called OAK, or Order of Anarchist Knights. The OAK egregore is the dominant magical system currently existing. It exists by right of might within the astral planes, having subjugated all others and integrating them within its own matrix. I leave it to the readers of Magister Templi, Modern Survivalism, Magick, Mystery and Madness, and OAK: Morals and Dogma to determine for themselves the truth of this statement. I have also termed this egregore the Unity Grid.


OAK is a non-hierarchical, loose association of magical individual anarchists in the sense of that described by Max Stirner; empowered individuals that collectively share the astral planes and might be considered a new type of human which I call “the new elves!” It is a continuation of Rosicrucian-ism and the Western mystery tradition. It is also a completion of that incomplete paganism known as Wicca.


I believe that many people through the centuries have attained to similar states of development and that various schools are meant to share those teachings and experiences. However, I also believe that those who attained these levels did not correctly understand the process of their development, attributing growth and development to peculiar practices and beliefs rather than to the simple generation of energy. what I have attained is not the result of specific techniques, beliefs or practices other than basic energy generation practices which I will share.


I invite questions, comments, and any other useful communications. Attacks, magical and otherwise, will be returned in kind. I understand that this material is at odds with most pet theories, but maintain that this material is also an antidote for a society that is quite sick. I claim most of this material as self evident and easily proven for ones self.


  • Joe


Multidimensionality Versus Multitasking.



The full moon of June this year is the celebration of the Christ Festival. That is the time of year when events in the astral move downward from the spiritual planes into the magical planes. In the spiritual planes they have a north pole magnetic field. In the magical planes they have a south pole magnetic field. When they exist in both the spiritual planes and the magical plane they combine at this time of year to manifest as physical events.


The summer solstice is the crowning point or empowerment or crystallization of this process. Finally, we are able to know what kind of harvest, we might expect.


For me the last few months have been difficult. I’ve experienced great insights and financial setbacks. I finally understood what I needed to do to become more effective at achieving my goals in life. I determined to become proficient at voice typing, dictating new material while traveling back and forth to work, and listening to books and documents during the day at my regular job. In short, I’ve discovered what this ascension thing really means; at least for me.


The buzzword has been multi-dimensionality, or how to be in many places at once. Almost everyone agrees on this, but no one really knows what it means in a practical sense. That is what I would like to share.


People keep expecting radical Earth changes and nothing seems to be happening. Or perhaps, nothing seems to be happening, because what is really happening is not understood. I will try to give some examples from my own life. For several years now I have been struggling to find the time for writing and translation projects. The most I have been able to do is barely 2 hours a day after coming home from my day job. And that has not been on a consistent basis, either. I have struggled with frustration, where I’ve tried to force things and made life difficult for myself and for my family. I’ve been working forty hours a week at a factory in my regular job and working weekends as a driver’s ed instructor. There was never enough time or money to do what I wanted to do.


Suddenly, this has all changed, and it has changed in the last few months and the last few weeks. Now I have more than enough time for these activities. In fact, I have more time than I know how to use effectively. This has come about through desperation, but also through insight into how the new world works. The secret of multidimensionality is really multitasking!


This is how it works for me. I read that using a voice typing program is three times faster than typing by hand, and I’m typing this post by voice. I no longer type by hand! I type only with Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice typing program. It has been difficult, but it works very well and my efficiency and my speed has increased radically. I am able to do more in less time. I have a half hour drive to work in the morning and a half hour drive home after work. I have a voice recorder that I can use to dictate posts and even books. While driving back and forth. In the evening I can transfer them to my computer and have them typed up with the voice typing program. This means I’ve potentially added one hour to my day. One hour of productive writing time. Think how much that can increase productivity over a week and over a month or even over a year!


At work I do electrical assembly work, which is repetitive and mindless. I can do it in my sleep. Sometimes I think that I have done it in my sleep! Now I bring my voice recorder into work with me and listen to audio files and e-books that will help me with my writing projects. I’ve got a computer program that will turn written text into MP3 files which I can listen to at work. For the past two weeks I’ve been spending at least five hours a day, listening to an e-book which I made into an audiobook with computerized voice. This means I’ve added over twenty hours a week of productive time that goes toward my writing activities and my translating activities.


What I’m doing is multitasking. While using the voice typing program. I’m no longer using my fingers to type, but using my voice, which is much faster and effective. While dictating posts and book material on my way to and from work. I’m multitasking by driving and dictating at the same time. While at work doing assembly of electrical components I’m listening to an e-book. That also is multitasking! So what is happening is that the circumstances of my world are not changing outwardly, but I am gaining the ability to multitask or do more than one thing at a time. Parts of me are able to be in one place doing one thing while other parts of me are in another place doing something else. This is what multi-dimensionality is all about! This is how our world is changing!


Why can some people multitask and other people have trouble with it? The secret is in the development of a strong ego. An integrated and strong ego is required to hold things together while multitasking! Some people will have the ability to do this and others won’t. The people that have the ability to multitask will revolutionize our world. We are beginning to see this already, but we have not considered it to be multi-dimensionality.


In my personal life I’ve gone from struggling for two hours a day to be able to use perhaps more than eight hours a day for writing and translation projects. Imagine the difference that this will make over the long term! Think of how much personal empowerment that will give over the course of the year! This is what the new age is all about. I’m sharing this because there is so much superstition and speculation over the new powers that humanity is going to have and how our world will be transformed. There is nothing supernatural about this.





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