Things are further advanced than I had anticipated. Today’s new moon brings all the new elves in contact with the new blueprint. From this point on the new blueprint will cut through all resistance like a hot knife through butter.

From now till the full moon of Nov 6 timelines will be created for all new elves to find their path into compliance with the new blueprint, find their way home. Said another way, finish lines will be created in the astral for all new elves to complete their transition to the new state of being and existence focused in 4th density. Nothing will be able to hinder them in this but personal choice as they determine when and how they will cross the finish line. This includes 3D timelines for taking care of unfinished business.

The rest of the world no longer has any say in matters. The old system is now an illusion. It is not coincidence that national elections occur in the United States just before the full moon. Expect a surprise. There is no more gridlock! The losers simply haven’t realized it yet.

Since the New Elf blueprint is of a man and woman side by side with all chakra centers open and functioning multi-dimensional activity or magick is now operative.

Bringing this full circle new elves may choose to function completely at 3D or just visit it as they wish. Their center of functioning remains at 4th density or the level of the heart. This is the level formerly occupied by the Orion space brothers and sisters and is now occupied by Gaia and the new elves. The Orion space brothers and sisters have either left or become new elves. So 4th density, the astral plane just above 3D physical is the true home of the new elves just as foretold in mythology. 3D physical will largely remain to the new humans. In a way this is mythology coming true.

So the story of Gaia’s ascension is of a great battle between two forces; one that desired Gaia to skip 4th density, move to 5th density and leave all lower levels behind. The other desired Gaia to exist on all levels and bring all life forms with her and that side has been victorious! Gaia has been victorious! She is now free to express herself on all levels of existence as the true queen that she is.

This victory was finalized with the completion and energizing of the “New Elf” blue print on the 21st of Oct. I had not realized how complete that victory was. Today’s New Moon takes “new elves” through the gateway by energetically connecting them to the new blueprint. It gives them magical strength to create these individual timelines in 4th density. But these timelines will still need to be lived out and that will take various amounts of time based upon the choices new elves make between now and the full moon.

Only then will the new humans be granted authority for creating their own timelines that are not in conflict with these higher ones or with Gaia. With the conclusion of this battle our space brothers and sisters will have the choice to leave and go home or to stay on as new humans and play the new game that has been created. There has been a lot of misinformation given on the web about Gaia’s ascension. I hope this clarifies things.

After the full moon things will fall apart quickly for those adhering to the old ways. This will intensify after the incoming light at the winter solstice and the installation of newly elected officials. There is no more gridlock. People just don’t know it yet.



Oct 22, 2014

Yesterday’s events were of enormous importance as all final frequencies snapped into place and crystallized. The proper frequency of each element and it’s astral equivalent has finally been determined across the entire spectrum of Gaia’s existence. Even at this time there was still resistance and counter plans which once more failed at the last moment. As a consequence some people are going to really be enjoying things for the rest of the year and some people are really going to be hurting because this was the final calibration. Now all things adapt and adjust to the final calibration of new frequencies. The astral planes have crystallized and things have become set. There is no more wiggle room.


At the same time the cosmic blueprint for the “new elves” has been completed and is now energized and accessible for the first time. In fact, it was the completion of this blueprint that crystallized the frequencies of the entire spectrum in Gaia’s new energy grid.


The blueprint for the “new elves” is a man and woman standing side by side in a circle as soulmates. They are facing the same direction and all chakra centers are open and balanced with a two way flow of dark and light energy/ male and female energy.


Not all of humanity can make this transition because they are still locked into a duality framework and unable to integrate their own shadow aspects. The ones that can not make this transition are the “new humans” and their task will be to learn how to integrate their shadow aspects and balance the male and female within themselves. The “new humans” still need to collectively form their own “pattern”.


The “New Elves” will be tapping into this blueprint getting ready for the big influx of energy at the winter solstice. If you have found your true soulmate you are probably one of the “new elves”. If you have opened all of your energy centers you are probably one of the “new elves”. If you have integrated your shadow aspect you are probably one of the “new elves”. If you have balanced the male and female within your soul you are probably one of the “new elves”. It doesn’t matter if the process is complete because it is in the process of happening. As the energy grows each individual “new elf” will be drawn into the cosmic blueprint and empowered.

This is an organic and genetic process that is being made available to those who have been with Gaia since almost the beginning and share her DNA completely. Thus the strong love and bond that the “new elves” have with Gaia, their mother.


The Taste of Fear; God, how I hate change!


I went to my weekend job this morning, to do some behind the wheels. My boss was there, and said that she would be closing the driving school in December. I was stunned! The driving school job has been my part-time salvation for fifteen years now. A few more months and it will be gone forever! Over the years I’ve helped over four thousand kids learn how to drive. That’s when it really hit me, big change is coming in my life this coming year.


Did I ever say how much I hate change? I am a Taurus and like solid earth under my feet. Unfortunately, the other stars in my chart have different ideas. In the past, when my life changes, it changes massively. Let me give an example; in my mid-20s I got a girl pregnant, decided to marry her, joined the military, and moved to Phoenix Arizona. This all happened within three months. When I got divorced from her, it was almost the same thing in reverse; I left the military, got divorced, became separated from my children, and became jobless after moving back home with my parents.


Many years have passed since then and I’m now fifty-seven years old, but I still cringe every time mid October comes around. The Scorpio energy is opposite my Taurus energy and it always seems to hit around the middle of October. Now October is here again, and it looks like the roller coaster is being set up once more.


This post is going to contain some very personal information. But I have reason to believe that big changes are coming to everyone! Perhaps I am even better prepared than many others. I’ve written a lot of posts about the astral planes, how I see into them, how I function within them. But I’ve never really shared how it is with me, how serious it really is.


When I say that I have experienced severe astral conflicts, people say, “oh yes, I know exactly what you mean. That has happened to me too!”


But I will share a few examples:


Back in 1993 I experienced one of the two most violent astral battles of my life. In an extremely vivid dream I saw a line of police cars going down a country road and then someone attacked me with a knife and the only weapon that I had was a knife as well. I won that fight, and I can still feel the resistance of the knife before it plunged into the other person’s chest. The person stepped backward and sank down to a sitting position on the ground bleeding from the wound. Those familiar with astral conflicts will realize that most conflicts simply end with the other person disappearing, not sinking to the ground bleeding. This was serious stuff! The next morning I was horrified to learn about the death of David Karesh and the massacre at Waco Texas. When astral conflicts happen at such a deep level people get hurt. The second most violent astral conflict of my life happened about six weeks ago. Again someone very powerful attacked me. We were apparently very well matched and did not have weapons. As we were struggling I managed to pick up a sharp stone and tore open the carotid artery on his neck. It started bleeding. He stepped back, and that was the end of the dream. Who was it? I don’t know, but no one has heard from the North Korean dictator since then.


So am I crazy? Let me share one other dream. This dream was just as vivid as the others. I was in a room that looked like a military bunker. Two military people had a person tied to a chair. The person in the chair had the key to a missile launching system. The other two people had set the console panel to launch a missile and the red light was flashing and preparing to launch as I entered the room. I remember my dream self saying, “not on my watch!” I went over to the person that was tied up in the chair and tried to take the keys away from him. He resisted fiercely and kept trying to escape so that he could go over and stop the launch. I tore the keys from his hand, went over to the console, inserted the key, and physically turned it. That action shut down the launch. I still remember the resistance and force it required to turn the key.


So what am I saying? Well, I’m saying that I dream at a level where things have weight, and offer resistance. These dreams must be taking place at a level that is very close to physical reality. Not only that, but I function powerfully at that level. To me this light worker stuff is not fluffy bunny fun and games, but deadly serious. I serve Gaia and act as her guardian. In the astral I often have to fight, and for thirty years I have won every single fight! I’m not really someone to mess with.


Now getting back to how I hate change. My second wife and I have been trying to separate for five years now! Our contract has long since been fulfilled. Our marriage has been rocky, in fact, we got divorced once and then got married again! Now it’s time to separate for real. We both feel this to be true, but in many ways she is just as powerful as I am and neither one of us believe in forcing things to make them happen. When the time is right, a way will be made. We both believe that, and we have both been waiting for that, but it never seems to happen. We have both used our powers to survive during these critical years of Earth’s ascension.


Last year at this time, it was all planned and I was moving out in one week. Then my mother died, and everything went to hell. The window of opportunity passed and it never happened. This year the plan was that I’d be out by October, and then, because of financial reasons it was decided that I would stay till next spring. This has been going on for five years now. The cosmic has been forcing us together and not giving a single opportunity for us to separate.


I have to explain a few things about my wife and I. Other people may be in similar situations. We love and respect each other, but are totally incompatible. Our energies have never been able to mingle harmoniously in a creative way. We have always blocked one another. Anytime one of us would pull in one direction the other would instinctively pull in the other direction as a balancing force. Nothing ever got done, nothing ever grew. Yet, we learned to trust each other, and learned to give each other space. So we have grown, apart. And now the distance between us is so great that we both just want it to be over. If the cosmic will only show us a way!


The only thing we have found to enjoy in common is dinner and a movie once a week. She has no interest in my thoughts, my translation work, my books or my blogs. She lives only for her children and grandchildren, and that is fine. I try to support that. In turn, she tries to give me the space I desire to get some of my projects done as well. But it is over. Nothing stays the same, people either grow closer, or grow further apart. We have become to strangers living together in the same house. And the greatest goodwill in the world can not change the fact that it hurts.


And the cosmic has shown us a way. Both my wife and I have had several dreams about this coming winter being a very hard winter, and also one in which a solution presents itself for the first time. This solution is so obvious and clear that there is no way to miss it. So we are living through this fall and winter waiting for whatever it is that is coming next spring. Neither one of us know what it is, but we know that it is there.


I think many people are going through similar situations. I think many people are afraid, just like I feel afraid, like my wife feels afraid. But it exists out there, exists out there in the astral. And my dream self, the one that really seems to know what is going on, seems pretty happy and content for the first time ever. I can only wish that I know what it seems to know.


Whatever it is seems big.


October Full Moon

I dreamed about receiving a package in the mail this morning and know that the book I ordered, “Azrael” by Paul Busson, will be here tonight when I get home from work. This has happened with the last several books I have ordered. It is nothing special, but has become common place to dream of an event that will happen to me during the day.

I go to work a few minutes early and do a little meditation about the day, my health and such things, visualizing how I want them to go. This is multi-dimensional awareness in action and it is fully functioning for me if I choose to use it. That is the key point; if I choose to use it! If I don’t visualize good health or prosperity, it won’t happen on its own! It’s time we all took responsibility for our own lives.

My dreams have changed since the fall equinox in other ways. Before the equinox there were some bitter astral battles that were serious as some critical issues were finalized. Since the equinox I’ve had more dreams of the  “after the football game” type where I might go up to someone that is not happy with the outcome and pat him on the back. The football game is over and one team won and one team lost. There is no more need for struggle, but for good will on both sides.

We are being bombarded with election propaganda just before next month’s elections, but the elections have already been decided. It will become evident that the democrats have “out bred” the republicans. This is especially true as the conservative Catholics families have been getting smaller these past twenty years while the welfare moms have continued to have just as many babies as before.

Some things are no longer supported by the new energies, specifically radical morality, radical spirituality, be it light worker space stuff; the moral majority or radical Islam. They are all the same. They do not support life here on earth; but eternal life in some never to be reached paradise. This radical spirituality represented by the moral majority and traditional Catholicism are foundational elements of the Republican party.

The same is true for large scale finance. Those in charge should take a good look at history, especially the French revolution; because things are going to change and the wealth is going to be taken away from the extremely wealthy. I’m not saying it’s fair, I’m just saying that it is going to happen. Expect some new laws putting caps on the interest rates that can be charged on credit card debt and the like. No more 20% interest! Laws like these can only be passed with a solid Democratic majority.

There is not going to be a return to conservative fascism! The manipulation of the masses no longer works in the same way.

This blog is moving away from earth ascension topics because that is increasingly old history. Now is the time for moving on with real life, multi-dimensional life. For me this means getting back to translating and book publishing. When I dreamed of getting that package in the mail, my heart leaped in joy. I was happy. My real mission is to share this joy with all of you!

You may have noticed a few new blogs by Paul Busson. They are both excellent stories. However, it appears that “The Fire Spirits” was heavily censored. I’ve ordered a copy of the original and will be checking it out for myself. In the meantime “Vampire” and “De Profundis” are my top priorities.


Remember, you read it here first!





A Reality Check

In essence, as children we are born with an amazing amount of energy. We run and play until we drop and then we have vivid dreams as we sleep. This is the natural way and all life is like this except for us humans. Each atom, each molecule, each cell gives off energy continuously and that energy builds within each one of us. It makes children unable to sit still. This is what it means to live with God in the Garden of Eden.
One day the child was told to sit still and was restrained or told to stop. At that moment the child learned the difference between right and wrong and left the garden of Eden. He held his breath and that bubbling energy was repressed for the first time. That was the beginning of his first neurosis! This repression of energy turned into a “death instinct”. The energy kept building up inside until he felt like he was going to burst. Then he discovered that when he hurt himself or hurt someone else the pressure went away for awhile. Everyone feels like they are going to burst and will choose destructive and hurtful ways if there is no other way because they are in “hell”.
The only way to safely channel this unending influx of energy that radiates from every cell of our body is to channel the energy into the astral and form astral bodies with it. These astral bodies can then work creatively with this energy through the creation of a resonance circuit. This happens when the physical and the astral are the same. This resonant circuit allows for an infinite amount of energy to surge through the circuit and is the only way to contain the energy that flows within us.
While I might not have spoken clearly, I am speaking about physical science, the kind that builds our cell phones and about neurosis, the kind that you go to psychologists for. To me, the subjective metaphysics that intrude upon this hard reality are simply that, subjective metaphysics. So there is a physical side to the circuit and a non-physical side to the circuit that extends from the highest levels to the lowest levels, from the first element to the last element.
This is the world that I live in and experience!
To me the average lightworker is saying:
Leave the physical body behind. Leave half of what you now are and deny that it exists. Then when you are just an astral being, leave the lower half of what you are behind because it is evil. Deny that it exists. You are meant of live eternally in heaven as a spiritual being, merely 1/4 of what you now are, with only 1/4 of the substance and awareness that you now have.
I reject this as unholy! I reject this as Christian! Chuckle!

Private Class Offering

Autumn Equinox Message


There is one week left until the autumn equinox. During this week last minute changes and additions are being made concerning the coming year. At the time of the autumn equinox the main events of the coming year will be locked into place. By the coming year I mean for the coming year until the fall equinox of 2015.


Traditionally, I have felt a great urgency to achieve some last-minute goals during this time. This year, I seem to have wrapped things up early and am not under pressure to get some specific task done. Still, I do feel the need to make use of this auspicious time. For that reason I am offering a small class with personal instruction and discussion among group members. I will accept no less than ten and no more than twenty participants. While there is no charge for this activity, there is the expectation of serious participation in discussion and group activities.


If you feel drawn to my material please consider taking advantage of this unique opportunity. I consider myself a reluctant teacher, only acting as such because I know through personal experience spiritual and metaphysical material and processes that are not known or made available anywhere else in the world today. If you have done something it is not bragging to speak of it. Today’s world is sick, modern society is sick. Wilhelm Reich speaks of the “emotional plague”. There is a way to break free from this sickness and I know that way through personal experience. I am willing to share what I know with those of my soul group that are serious and willing to work toward such freedom.


Christianity has called physical life upon this earth “the veil of tears”. Buddhism has called physical life upon this earth the path of sorrow. That was the old way! In this new eon physical life on this earth can be bittersweet, rich, deep, beautiful, and meaningful. This requires an acceptance and love of the bittersweet that life offers. The bitter and the sweet offer contrast to each other in a way that makes life poignant and precious. The purpose of life is to grow and become more complex, exploring all possibilities, both good and bad.


To explore all the possibilities that life has to offer requires a balanced spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and sexual life. It requires the creation and development of all possible astral bodies, and the ability to function creatively and positively upon all astral planes. It also requires a worldview or paradigm that is truly harmonious with today’s energies. I’m willing to share what I know about these things to help others achieve what I have achieved. With mastery comes responsibility, and I have achieved the mastery that I have long sought for.


The path that I teach is not the right-hand path, nor the left-hand path, but the path of triality; a path that has never been taught before. It is a path that is only for members of my own soul group, those that resonate with my energy and my words. It is a path of power and magic, health and healing, assertiveness and defense.


If you are drawn to participate in this class please email me at joebandel@gmail.com

I will let the cosmic decide if there is enough interest in this class to make it possible.



Death and Dying

It is generally accepted that Gaia, mother Earth, has ascended into fifth density along with all her inhabitants and that humanity is gradually adjusting itself to these new conditions. For sake of argument, some might say that this process is still happening and may continue happening for a long time. I’m not going to get into a dispute about this one way or the other.

Instead, I’m going to make a few points that I consider pretty self-evident when you stop and think about them. When Gaia, mother Earth, arrived into these new conditions she brought all kinds of lifeforms along with her. She brought plants, birds, small animals, large animals, insects, in fact all life forms along with her including humans!

Stop and think about this for a few minutes! The general light worker community assumed for a long time that an individual had to achieve at least fifth density in order to be eligible for the Ascension process. There was great amazement when Gaia, mother Earth, not only brought all life forms along with her, but has maintained relative stability and there has been as little devastation as possible.

It seems obvious to me that if a plant, a bird or an insect or any other life form can be sent with Gaia into this new place, every single human can do the same thing! In other words, making it to fifth density has somehow changed and is now available to all living things, not just to the spiritual elite of fifth density and above. It also seems obvious that Gaia, mother Earth, is here to stay and that a new game is in the process of beginning, complete with new rules and new players. What I’m trying to say is that this concept of a spiritual elite can be thrown out the window! It didn’t happen that way and the time for that is passed!

This brings up the question, when people drop their physical bodies through death where do they go? They are already in fifth density!

In other posts I’ve made it clear that fourth density is the level of upper emotional energy, of heart energy, and of the simple ego or the observer self. This is also where the soul is first manifested and is equivalent to the development of the observer self. This also corresponds with the fourth electron ring around an atom. The first, second, and third electron rings correspond to concrete spiritual energy, abstract mental energy, and concrete mental energy respectively. These three planes make up what has been called traditionally the spiritual planes.

What this tells us is that heaven and the afterlife consists of existence as beings or thought forms created out of mental or spiritual energies which can supposedly live forever. But this was the myth of the old eon! This was the myth of the spiritual elite!

What is to happen now when Gaia, mother Earth, and all her life forms encroach into the nonphysical planes? None of these lower lifeforms were supposed to have made it, something has definitely changed! Not only that, but these lower lifeforms seem to be able to exist within the nonphysical planes at the lower levels! In other words the lower levels have also become nonphysical!

What I perceive is that all life forms that have developed upon Gaia through the ages have gone through a genetic Ascension process that has created and activated all possible astral bodies. Now obviously a blade of grass has not developed a mental or spiritual astral body to speak of, at least as far as I know! But it has developed the lower three. Other life forms have developed fourth and perhaps even fifth density astral bodies! Each life form that has evolved through the past cycle with Gaia has been given those astral bodies that they have earned.

Now they need to learn how to create with those astral bodies to live the kind of life which they desire. Each of these living things, each of these living creatures, including the new elves are magical in nature with the fundamental ability to manipulate the lower astral levels of existence, thereby having the ability to modify physical existence.

Our space brothers and sisters, those who are rather new to life on earth did not have the genetic sequencing to develop those lower astral bodies, but did have the ability to develop those fifth density astral bodies and higher if appropriate. And that’s the way things now stand, at least as I see them. These space brothers and sisters are the new humans that will be learning how to develop those lower astral bodies as they participate in this coming great cycle.

But what does any of this have to do with death and dying? In the past the death process was a crisis of the soul, according to the Tibetan book of the dead and other sources. But now the veil is much thinner and these astral bodies have already been created and activated! We already exist in fifth density, how can we go to fifth density? What about that blade of grass, what happens to it when it dies?

In the past the soul rose up to the hydrogen level, the highest spiritual plane of unity, or at least tried to while also trying to maintain full personal awareness. From that point, if successful, it was re-created at the lower levels as an immortal spiritual body. But this is already done now! The most likely scenario is that the soul will simply leave the physical body at death and wander off looking for new adventures, or get caught up in the drama of its own physical death.


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